Minnesota Police Dept. Forced To Plead With Public To “Loan” Them Ammo

Everybody’s having a hard time finding ammunition. Even people who work at ammunition manufacturing facilities are having a hard time finding ammunition. For months now, people have been buying all the ammo they can find in response to gun control proposals and laws passed and pending.

The effects of this have fallen at the feet of many law enforcement agencies, who are having an extra-difficult time finding both target and training ammunition as well as self-defense ammo.

It has gotten to the point where police departments are cutting back on training and rationing their existing ammunition.

When Proctor, Minn. chief of police Walt Wobig found out that his department wouldn’t be able to lay hands on ammunition for six to eight months, he put out a call for help, and the people answered.

I was really surprised, let’s just put it that way,” said Wobig to NNCNOW.com.

“I go, ‘Do you have 40–caliber qualification rounds?’ And [the supplier said], ‘Well, no. It’s going to take six to eight months,” Wobig continued. ”The citizens were like, ‘If you need something, we got plenty here.’”

“I had several other calls from other citizens that said, ‘Hey, if you need more ammunition we have plenty,’” said Wobig, “I know that if I need ammunition I have citizens out there that will gladly come forward.”

The Chief considers the ammo a “loan” and will replace what the department uses when they eventually get ammo through standard channels.

MORE AT SOURCE: http://www.guns.com/2013/05/14/minnesota-police-chief-turns-to-public-for-ammo-handouts-video/

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