Military Helicopters Can not Stop ECETI UFO Contact

Military Helicopters Can’t Stop ECETI UFO Contact

Military helicopters are conducting night time operations near ground level at the peaceful and secluded ECETI Ranch in south central Washington. A new video, recorded in the early morning hours of Friday, June 24, 2011 demonstrates the use of industrial noise pollution in psychological warfare attempts to dissuade both local residents and international observers from participating in historic contact with entities from advanced civilizations. The night vision video shows a UFO interacting with a beam of light on the western face of Mt. Adams in a recorded sighting that lasted over 20 minutes duration, an event that occurred two hours after a pair of Chinook-type helicopters reportedly hovered over the ranch close to tree-top level while at least one was captured on camera.

This video, recorded in digital night vision, can be viewed by clicking here. The Vancouver UFO Examiner is conducting field research and reporting from the world-famous UFO hotspot through the upcoming Canada Day and US Independence Day holidays.

Beyond First Contact

Contact Has Begun is the name of a UFO contact documentary featuring ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Ranch founder James Gilliland. The implications of the direct-to-DVD title are vast: contact is ancient and has been ongoing since the times of humanity’s first ancestors; our society is simply reawakening to a reality greater than the phony dreams and visions, the “pseudo culture”, of contemporary mainstream thinking. How can modern military powers hope to crush the ascending spirit of today’s ET experiencers in the face of indelible knowledge born of direct and continuous experience with entities who demonstrate applications of higher principals governing the operations of the material universe?

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Mountain Portal

The location on Mt. Adams where the light appears in the video is well known to ECETI residents who have witnessed and recorded hundreds of similar and related incidents involving lights that reportedly lit up the western face of Mt. Adams “like a Christmas tree”. Such events provide evidence for the existence of a portal leading into the dormant volcano to what witnesses have described as a “UFO base” located deep under the earth’s surface. Although access to the portal by physical means is exceptionally difficult (climbers on the mountain state there is nothing at the site but ice sheets and rock), it is said that human visitors to the base have achieved entry via astral travel and other “out of body” type methods.

UFO Underground

One witness describes how “I was standing in a facility with numerous hangers and saw massive flying saucers manoeuvring slowly behind them. It was like an airship storage and maintenance complex featuring enormous “Pleiadian” flying saucers in place of gas-filled ballons. While becoming aware of my surroundings I saw with my inner vision an image of an eye in a pyramid surrounded by a golden glowing corona. This image absorbed my consciousness and I became aware that I was ascending quickly along a golden tunnel of light, moving towards the pyramid. I awoke in my bed at the ECETI Ranch and realized that my consciousness had entered the underground UFO base below Mt. Adams while my body was asleep. The sense of scale and advanced technology imparted to me during the experience was profound and unforgettable.”

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