Mexico: Government Palace in Guerrero Burned Down by Normalistas

Normalista students held a protest in front of the government palace in Guerrero yesterday which ended in the students entering the building and burning it down. Their only demand is that the 43 students disappeared in Igualabe returned alive.

“Iguala Guerrero cradle of assassins”

Heavy clashes took place between riot police and normalista students from Ayotzinapa together with members of CETEG at one of the entrances of the government palace.


Around 11am local time, students took control of five exits to the palace in Chilpancingo, preventing entry/exit of employees. According to a report from La Jornada, students launched some rockets, broke windows and removed barbed wire from the walls of a security station.



Around 4pm local time women were evacuated from inside the palace. Authorities at the time said more than 1500 employees remained inside the building. Those who were evacuated later advised that the state police were not letting people leave the building. La Jornada reported that around 4:30pm local time, “bureaucrats and citizens” left the building and began throwing stones at the protesters who reacted by also throwing stones. No one was injured.




: Student protest at govt palace in – bracing for eviction p/v @EzequielFloresC
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