Menino plans emergency meeting with police after four killed, 9 wounded in spree of violence


Mayor Thomas M. Menino said he would be holding an emergency meeting with the city’s police commanders this afternoon at department headquarters to decide whether officials need to do anything differently to avoid more bloodshed.

“It’s so frustrating,” Menino said to reporters in the glass-enclosed atrium at John Hancock Financial building where city business and political leaders kicked off a summer jobs program for city teenagers. “You think you’ve touched every base. You think you’ve done everything right.”

Commissioner Edward F. Davis said holiday weekends can be especially violent because of “alcohol-fueled parties” where people often bring guns.

He said many of the weekend shootings appear to be gang-related.

“It’s very, very early in our investigations but there does seem to be a gang nexus to most of these shootings,” he said. “We’re working really hard to bring these people to justice.”

Four people were killed in the spasm of violence that erupted in Boston on the night the nation celebrates its birth, police said. In the space of just five hours, 13 people were shot and stabbed in five neighborhoods.

The identities of the victims – deceased or alive – were not released today.

Police, however, did release a list identifying when and where the violence took place. The following list is in chronological order:

-7:16 p.m. 60 Hollander Street Roxbury. One person shot to death.

-9:55 p.m. 36 Norton Street Dorchester. Three shot, one fatally.

-11:26 p.m. 120 Huntington Ave., South End. Two people stabbed. One victim is in critical condition and one victim is stable. One person is under arrest.

-11:33 pm. 52 Thomas Park, South Boston. Two people stabbed and neither suffered life-threatening injuries.

-11:34 p.m. Talbot Avenue and Washington Street, Dorchester. One person was shot, and he went to Carney Hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.

-11:36 p.m. Blue Hill Avenue and Morton Street, Mattapan. One person was found in this location but believed to have shot elsewhere. He was taken to the Carney, where he was in stable condition. The Area B-3 police station is at this intersection.

-11:54 p.m. 975 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester. One person was stabbed and was taken to Boston Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.


-12:15 a.m. 245 Columbia Road, Dorchester. Police said a person walked up to the vehicle and opened fire at the two men inside. The car lurched forward and smashed into a building. Two people were shot, and both later died from their wounds.

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