Media Preparing Infrastructure For War With Iran

Major western news outlets, including FOX, CBS, NBC and Reuters, rent rooftops, prepare emergency broadcast infrastructure, and deploy senior producers to Israel to cover war with Iran.

Israel news agencies are reporting the western media outlets are obtaining assets and gearing up infrastructure to provide live coverage of war with between Iran and Israel.

News outlets, including FOX, CBS, NBC and Reuters have started renting rooftops in Tel-Aviv and Helena to pprovide live video broadcast of a war that that those familiar with the situation say will start within the next few months.

CEO of JCS , a the television and video production contractor for the majority of foreign networks in Israel, also confirm that has firm received several calls in the last few days to build emergency means of continued broadcast communications and video production from their media centers in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Richard Silverstein points us to an article in the Hebrew newspaper Globes, translated into English below, which informs us of the latest developments on the situation.

Foreign Press Rents Tel Aviv Rooftops to Cover Iran War

Richard Silverstein
Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You remember the descriptions of the First Battle of Bull Run when all of Washington’s high society rode out in their fine carriages and horses to picnic under the shady trees and watch their Union boys send the Yankees packing?

Did they get the shock of their lives when the Rebel musket balls whizzed over their heads and the Union soldiers ran for their lives from the field? Or similarly, the Israelis in southern Israel who took lawn chairs out to watch the IDF smash Gaza to smithereens in 2009? Here’s a picture of another group of expectant, thrilled Israelis watching the action.

That’s what the foreign press corps appears to be doing now in Tel Aviv in preparation for an attack on Iran. They’re renting the right to put film crews and reporters on the city’s rooftops (Hebrew) during the upcoming war in order to cover the anticipated Iranian counterattack. That way they can get great photo ops and pictures of missiles wreaking havoc on the city. What a story! What a feast for the eyes! Other news organizations like CBS, Fox News, and NBC are sending their senior producers to Israel to scope out the place in case they have to send in the big boys–the news anchors and senior correspondents (especially since no one can report from Teheran!).

We can’t wait! I don’t know why I should have to point out that this is irony. But there are some right-wingers who have neither a sense of irony nor humor. So it’s for them I guess.

Here’s a report translated from Hebrew to English from the Israeli newspaper the Globe.

The foreign media is preparing for an Israeli war with Iran

Various agencies, including Reuters, have rented the roofs of houses in Tel Aviv hired to prepare to broadcast an attack on the town ■ In addition, television networks in have sent their senior producers to Israel

Foreign Media Makes Preperations For A War With Iran To Topple Regime Of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Foreign Media Makes Preperations For A War With Iran To Topple Regime Of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Although there non-ongoing uncertainty in Israel around the nuclear confrontation with Iran , Globes “has learned that the foreign media feel that the great event is coming” – meaning the war is going to happen.

Globes has learned that recently various agencies, including Reuters ,have rented several roofs of houses in Tel – Aviv, to prepare for the shooting attack on the city. Also, the world’s television networks have sent a variety of senior producers to Israel to examine communications infrastructure and protective measures, in Helena as well as Tel-Aviv, in preparation of big teams will come to Israel to cover the events.

The FOX , NBC and CBS networks are making preparations to deploy their teams from their American and European and Asian agencies.

One senior source of foreign broadcasters told Globes “It would be illogical not to prepare for war, when we constantly hear your defense minister openly talking about. This assessment is similar to the days immediately before the start of days of the Gulf War, the early ’90s. ”

Hanani Rapoport, CEO of JCS , a the television and video production contractor for the majority of foreign networks in Israel, told Globes “We receiving inquiries in recent days due to the increased flow of reports regarding a possible conflict in the Middle East in the coming months. We are receiving calls from our clients who to be sure we are preparing for the possibility of war, including making emergency preparations at our centers in Jerusalem and Tel – Aviv  for provide continued transmission and production capabilities during the war. We also continue to hear references to Turkish links to the situation. I hope that the plans remain on paper. ”

Knowing I am a member of the media, the foreign news outlets refused to comment.

Source: Globes

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