Media Blackout: NAACP President Charged With Selling Cocaine

Muncie, Ind. – On Wednesday, Delaware
County sheriff’s deputies arrested Timothy Wade Miles, 49, after he reportedly sold 1 gram of cocaine to a confidential informant.
It was, in fact, the third time Miles had sold cocaine in monitored buys, according to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Miles works as the assistant director for the Muncie Indiana Transit System (MITS), and was driving his MITS vehicle, when he met with the informant at the Muncie Civic Center, according to a police report.Of course, Miles is also the president of the Muncie chapter (Unit #3063) of the NAACP.

ABC 6 reported:

During one buy, police said Miles identified himself as the president of the Muncie NAACP chapter.

I’m the president of that,” Miles told the informant. “It’s crazy.”

Under questioning, Miles admitted to regularly selling cocaine, according to court documents.

He also claimed he only sells drugs in order to fulfill his numerous child support payments.

Miles was charged with numerous counts of drug distribution charges, and released on $15,000 bond.

Miles has been president of the NAACP in Muncie since 2010.

Aside from a few local news news outlets covering the story, the national press has completely ignored it.


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