Media Allowed to Film Bohai Bay Oil Leaks in Shandong Province


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Media were allowed to film oil spills from two oil platforms in the Bohai Bay off Shandong Province for a brief period on Tuesday. Although the media were allowed to shoot video, the company’s executives and technicians refused to answer questions.

Conoco Phillips China Inc. (COPC) operates the PL 19-3 oilfield and is responsible for oil and gas exploration and production in the area. The company said oil began leaking from the seabed near one of the platforms in early June and from the other platform in mid-June.

About 1,500 barrels of oil and oil-based drilling fluid has leaked into the ocean, covering an area of 60 square miles.

On June 13, the State Oceanic Administration ordered COPC to stop operations on the platforms of the PL 19-3 oilfield.

COPC has refused to rule out further oil spills if production continues. The company said their technicians are carrying out sonar shallow seismic surveys across the oilfield for any more oil leaks in the future.


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