Meanwhile, over at Joe Biden’s rally.

In the modern age of political spin, where things such as public rallies for a Presidential candidate are staged it really makes you wonder how it is possible that this staging is so quite frankly pathetic…?

There is not one “good” photo op to be found, none that looks like winning a presidential race.

Any way, as I said not one good photo op to be had if any even cared to cover it. Did you see this on “Network News”? …probably not.


Here is a peak at the Sanders “Rally”

Bernie is a lame duck candidate, I wish him well on his health and wish he to not be lame or infirm, but I make no reservations in saying I think your bid for POTUS is a Lame Duck, and it is sad you are fleecing the moderates and shudder.. The progressives and far leftists.   The DNC robbed you, how complicit you are in the fleecing of the flock and part in parcel with the gutting of the Democratic coffers… The list of crimes and misdemeanors are too numerous for this post… 

Chin up Bernie you are done with the DNC very very soon.
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