McDonald’s Will Stop Serving Overweight Customers Beginning 1/15/15 – BLASTANDASK


Obesity in America has multiplied over the last couple of decades and has become the leading public wellbeing issue in the U.S. With more than 50% of the adult population overweight, McDonald’s has decided to become part of the solution – not the problem. As indicated by reports, starting January 15, 2015, Mcdonald’s will no longer serve clients with a weight limit in excess of 180 pounds for ladies and 250 pounds for men. Youngsters’ weight limitations will fluctuate relying upon age and tallness.

McDonald’s is currently running campaigns to shake its “junk food” image, insisting they sell nothing but good quality food. They’re branding themselves away from “a dining experience of fast food” to “healthy food served fast.”

So how will McDonald’s know how much you weigh? Will McDonald’s employees ask customers and trust their answers? No. McDonald’s will place scales at the front of every cash register, just like the one in the photo below. You must stand with them when ordering your food or you will not be served. They also plan on posting signs to let customers know that they have the legal “right to refuse service to anyone.” weight-limit-scales-300x224 Drive-thru patrons will be difficult to assess. However, if the person looks like they exceed the weight restrictions, they will be refused service at the drive-thru window.
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