Matt Lauer Hammers Mayor Bloomberg Over Banning Large Sodas…While Supporting National Donut Day

“Your administration has come out in support of National Donut Day,” Lauer said on NBC’s “Today.“ ”It sounds ridiculous.”

“It doesn’t sound ridiculous, one donut is not going to hurt you,” Bloomberg, a political independent, defended. “In moderation, most things are OK.”

He continued, “Number two, think about what National Donut Day is. National Donut Day celebrates a lot of young ladies during World War I called ‘donut lassies’ who went and gave donuts to our soldiers while they were fighting to protect democracy. I’ll stand behind it.”

“Your honor,” Lauer cut in. “That was before obesity was a national epidemic in this country….if moderation works for donuts, why not with soft drinks?”

“That is exactly what we’re trying to do with soft drinks,” Bloomberg. “Instead of the big 32-ounce, get two 16 ounces if you want. But history shows, all the tests show what you’ll do is probably drink one.”

“Happy National Donut Day,” Lauer said to close the segment.

“Thank you very much,” Bloomberg replied.

Watch below, via NBC:

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