Massive Train Derailment in Canada! Explosions

WADENA, SACKATCHEWAN-A major train derailment took place at 10:40am CST near Wadena in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Reports indicate that as many as 26 railway cars have derailed, and the train was hauling a total of 100 cars. Large explosions and massive plumes of smoke have been reported by witnesses near the scene.

Officials say the smoke pouring from the accident is toxic, and due to that concern are keeping residents several miles away from the scene for their own safety.

CBC News reports that many of the trains cars contained hazardous materials that could cause environmental damage as well as become a health issue to those exposed.

Among the list of hazardous materials were several that included either hydrochloric acid or caustic soda and the other contained petroleum distillates.

Pictured below is the scene in near Wadena as smoke billows from the train derailment:

Image via The Phoenix Star

Image via OphirBruck Source:
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