Man Turns Dumpster into a House

Husband and wife live in a dumpster — by choice (VIDEO)

“We know times are hard,” said a student at The Way of Life Bible School in Richmond, Virginia. “But have you heard of a couple living in a dumpster?

Another student said, “A man’s home is his castle even if it is a dumpster.”

As seen on Inside Edition on WTVR-TV 12, a couple lives in a dumpster by choice.

The huge garbage can is Erica and Gregory Kloehn’s second home in Oakland, California.

They paid $1,000 for just an ordinary dumpster and turned it into a home with amenities you’d find in a house, including a gas grill, granite countertops, and hidden under the seats are a toilet and storage.

They use a grill to cook steaks outside while cooking the rest of their meal inside. They have a rooftop for a romantic view of their surroundings.

The Kloehns turned an ordinary green trash receptacle into a mini castle.

What gave them this idea?

Gregory is an artist who explores how to turn trash into treasure and says his idea is far from rubbish, according to Inside Edition.

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