Man Tells Cops They Can’t Search His Home Without A Warrant, Cops Kick His Down Door & Kill Him

Unarmed man shot dead after police raid home looking for man who ‘no longer lives there’
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Harnett County, North Carolina sheriff’s deputies kicked a man’s door down at 3:30am this past Sunday and killed him after he told them they couldn’t search his home “without a search warrant.”

After John Livingston, 33, shut his door in the deputies’ faces with his demand for a warrant, his roommate says police “kicked in the door, got on top of him, started slinging him around [and] beat him.”

They then sprayed mace in his face and begun to tase the unarmed father of three who was described as a “hard working, very loving” family man and talented carpenter who actually built the small home the deputies were invading.

When Livingston attempted to remove the taser from the hands of the officer who was shocking him, the deputies executed him claiming he got a hold of their weapon.

Tasers are said to be non-lethal, yet the cops evidently feared for their lives at the mere prospect one of their victims could maybe-possibly turn it on them.

As it turns out, the deputies were looking for a man who no longer lives in the home.

The Harnett County Sheriff’s department is stonewalling on the case and have failed to release the names of the deputies involved in the killing.

No doubt after a routine “investigation” the state goons will exonerate themselves.

Watch a video report on the incident courtesy of WNCN:

If you wish to voice your displeasure over the incident feel free to contact the Harnett County Sheriff’s department through their website.

Let us know if you think this shooting was “justified” in the comments below.
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