Man Shares Photo Of Dead Bigfoot & Still Has ‘Bigfoot’ Body He Claims

The picture below, now making its way around the internet, is claimed to be that of ‘bigfoot’, killed by a man who lured the mighty beast from WalMart with pork ribs. However, before Bigfoot enthusiasts get too excited we are warned that this same man was involved in a Bigfoot hoax several years ago. Is the picture of the beast below really ‘Bigfoot’ or is this another hoax? More below including video reports with a statement directly from Rick Dyer, the man who claims to have killed Bigfoot.

One man claims that the legend of Bigfoot is 100 per cent real – and has released a photograph of a hairy humanoid body that he says proves the mythical creature’s existence.

Of course, the man is also known to enjoy the occasional hoax.

Rick Dyer says he shot Bigfoot near San Antonio, Texas, on September 6, 2012. He also claims to have conducted ‘scientific DNA tests’ on the body and, after showing it off to more than 100 witnesses, now plans to take it on a tour around America.
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