Man Arrested Over Threat to Kill Obama

~II~ THE WATCHTOWERS ~II~Man Arrested Over Threat to Kill Obama

Nut jobs come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and another one has been arrested for making threats to kill obama and his family.

Darryl James Swanson made numerous phone calls to federal prosecutors offices in Oregon and Washington threatening to kill obama.

Swanson will be arraigned next month where he will be allowed to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

U.S. Stephen Peifer, said he felt Swanson was a threat to the community. When the FBI searched his home they found no weapons and they warned him not to makes threats against the President, but Swanson continued to make the calls, claiming he was going to get in touch with Al-Queda and get a few machine guns and blast into the white house…

Mert Rockney Jr., a friend of the family says Swanson is harmless and suffered from mental illness and just needs someone around to make sure he takes his medicine.

Swanson claimed he was frustrated that obama didn’t send him a check for 70,000 dollars, that was owed to him from  trust fund set up for him as a child. However, there is no record that such a trust has fund ever existed ….

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