Lunar Eclipse 2022 Live Stream: When and Where to Watch Live Stream of Lunar Eclipse – Super Moon – ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’

Here is how you can view the rare occasion when a supermoon coincides with a full lunar eclipse, no matter where you are in the world.

Lunar Eclipse 2022 Live Streaming: A visualisation of how the lunar eclipse will look as it goes through its multiple stages.

Many parts of the world will be able to witness what is called a “super flower blood moon” tomorrow (May 16). The eclipse will be most visible between 8.30 AM and 9.30 AM IST on May 16. But there is a catch: it will not be visible to viewers in India. But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch a glimpse of it at all. Here, we have put together some of the ways you can live stream the lunar eclipse from different parts of the world.


Visibility map of the lunar eclipse. (Image credit: NASA)

What is a ‘super flower blood moon’?

Today, the full moon will be closest that it comes to Earth in its elliptical orbit, making it a “supermoon.” That moment will also coincide with a full lunar eclipse, hence it will be a “blood moon” as well. In certain parts of the world, a full moon is also called a “flower moon” since it coincides with Spring flowers. Hence the full nomenclature: super flower blood moon.

During the total eclipse, the moon will have a faint reddish glow as the red wavelengths of solar light filter through our atmosphere to reach the moon’s surface and reflect back for us to view it. During different moments of the eclipse, it could also look like the moon is taking on shades of orange, yellow or brown. But unfortunately for stargazers in India, the eclipse will not be visible in the entire subcontinent. But that is not to say that you won’t be able to watch it! Here are a few services you can use to live stream the eclipse from locations that can view it.

How to live stream the full lunar eclipse online

NASA Science Live

NASA Science Live will be live streaming the eclipse through their YouTube channel between 11 PM and 12 AM ET on may 15 (8.30 AM to 9.30AM IST on May 16). The stream will display telescope views of the eclipse from around the world while NASA experts speak about both the eclipse and the space agency’s plans to put humans back on the moon with the Artemis program. Users can also submit the questions that they want to ask by using the hashtag #askNASA. You can view NASA’s live stream below.

Sociedad Astronómica de Álava: View the lunar eclipse from Spain

The Sociedad Astronómica de Álava is a non-profit organisation that has an astronomical observatory. They will be live streaming the super flower blood moon from the Álava province in Spain’s Basque Country. You can view it below.

The Virtual Telescope Project View the eclipse from Rome

The Virtual Telescope Project gives remote online access to a powerful set of robotic telescopes for users across the world to enjoy an astronomical experience. The project will be live streaming the lunar eclipse from Rome in Italy. You can view the live stream below.

Time and Date

Time and Date is a Norwegian site that provides information about the time and time zones for regions across the world. They will be hosting a live stream of the lunar eclipse on their YouTube channel with views from multiple locations including Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, New York, USA; Sudbury, Canada; and Santiago, Chile. You can watch their live stream below.

If you miss this total lunar eclipse, the next one is scheduled to happen on November 8 this year, according to NASA’s lunar eclipse calendar. But during that one, a partial eclipse will be visible from India as the moon sets. HaTTiP

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