Lovejoy Comet discoverer invented telescope imaging that would stop us seeing planet X/brown dwarf ISON

I thought this was curious, our binary companion is believed to emit infrared light . The discoverer of the comet that is to accompany ISON invented a modification for digital cameras which would stop amateur astronomers being able to see infrared light with their equipment.

“Lovejoy is known among amateur astronomers for identifying modifications to digital cameras needed for astrophotography. Such cameras come configured with built-in filters that cut off infrared light. Unfortunately, they also cut off some of the red light that many deep space objects emit. After he published procedures to modify those filters,[2] many amateur astronomers were able to improve their deep space photography.”

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This invention means very few astrophotography cameras are calibrated for infrared imaging.

“Brown dwarfs are very dim and cool compared with stars. The best hope for finding brown dwarfs is in using infrared telescopes, which can detect the heat from these objects even though they are too cool to radiate visible light. Many brown dwarfs have also been discovered embedded in large clouds of gas and dust.”

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If you examine the orbit of Comet Lovejoy it matched perfectly the proposed orbit of our binary companion. ISON is the hype and comet Lovejoy is the problem object nobody will be paying attention to, I suggest get infrared telescopes pointed there.

One more thing.. The Voyager craft 36-year-old probe, which has travelled 12 billion miles away from our sun- Still working. The deep Impact craft built with much superior technology a fraction of the distance away, a fraction of the age of voyager and we have communication loss at the exact time it could prove or disprove fears about ISON. This is either deliberate hype of fear or a cover-up.

It also curious that Europe’s billion-euro Herschel space observatory has ended its mission to image the far-infrared Universe. [link to]

Europe's billion-euro Herschel space observatory has ended its mission to image the far-infrared Universe.
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