Louis Gossett Jr. Saved By Ivermectin

Source: Louis Gossett Jr. Saved By Ivermectin

“Academy Award-winner Louis Gossett Jr. is best remembered as the tall and straight-as-a-sword, old-school Marine Corps drill instructor in An Officer and a Gentleman, barking commands at fresh-faced Naval Officer aviation wannabee Zack Mayo (Richard Gere). Late last December, Gossett created national news for walking out of a suburban Atlanta hospital. Sick with COVID-19 for about a week, he’d spent two fearful days deteriorating on the COVID-19 ward. He didn’t want the ward’s walls to be the last thing he saw before dying…”

….In May 2020 Dr. Boros found a large observational study of 1,300 COVID-19 patients in the Dominican Republic published by the renowned cardiologist and internist Dr. José Natalio Redondo, involving clinical observations in three medical centers. The study reported that 99.3 percent of patients presenting COVID-19 symptoms recovered in the first five days with care that included ivermectin. Redondo also noted a marked reduction in the length of hospital stays and a profound reduction in deaths of patients on ventilators.”

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