Local undefeated boxer Nathan McILwraith making an impression!

Paul Grigaitis
Brooks Bulletin

A 14-year-old Brooks resident is making a big impression in the boxing ring.Nathan McILwraith

Nathan McILwraith is a member of the Medicine Hat Boxing Club. Through the boxing club, he has competed in five matches, none of which he has lost. His record has impressed both his parents and his coach who expect big things from the Brooks Junior High School student. All of McIlwraith’s fights have taken place since September. He competes in the Junior B 69 kilogram novice division.
“I’m happy because all the fights I’ve won,” he said.

He will advance to Junior B open category after he competes in a minimum of 10 fights. In another year, he could be eligible to compete in the Junior C category when he would be able to compete in national championships.

But so far, he said he is both impressed and proud of himself for progressing so well. His progression he credited to just hard work. He wakes up early in the morning to run, he explained, and he travels to Medicine Hat where he puts in three hours in the gym twice a week, he said.
“What you put into it you get out of it.”

McILwraith enjoys numerous sports including football, badminton, baseball and hockey. However, boxing is his choice sport because “you always have to think,” he said.

McILwraith said he is encouraged to excel at the sport by his mother who ensures he makes it to practice and his father who used to box as well.

Tammy, his mother, said her son has shown a commitment to boxing that she hopes will carry over into his schoolwork.

“He is disciplined,” she said. “He wants to go very far with boxing.”
Wade Gillis, his father, said he is happy to be an inspiration to his son and proud of his sons’ accomplishments.

“It just warms my heart. It just makes me so happy that I touched his life that way. He is so passionate about boxing. It’s awesome,” he said.

Medicine Hat Boxing Club coach Kerry Fahlman said McILwraith has great potential as long he maintains committment.

“He’s a strong kid. For being in his first year, he is doing very well. He’s easy to coach and he works hard.”

Fahlman said McILwraith could have a career ahead of him. His student is very athletic and has a good work ethic, he added. He also credited his mother for being committed as well.

“I expect some big things out of Nathan here in the next couple of years as long as he stays dedicated,” he said.


SOURCE: http://www.brooksbulletin.com/default.aspx?contentid=4089

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