LIST of people jailed, fired, or ruined, for doing LESS than Hillary Clinton just got caught doing.

LIST of people jailed, fired, or ruined, for doing LESS than Hillary Clinton just got caught doing.
1. General Petraeus

2. Martha Stewart

3. Family Doctors (“Your spouse has the flu.”) breaking HIPPA

4. John Kiriakou (“It’s a double standard,” said John Kiriakou, a former CIA counter-terrorism operative who spent two years in federal prison and three additional months under house arrest this year for leaking the name of a covert CIA official involved in “enhanced interrogation techniques.”)

5. Thomas Drake (a former NSA official who after 9/11 went to Congress to sound the alarms about what he called unconstitutional surveillance, also says there is a double standard when it comes to applying classification law. “I got hammered good,” Drake told Though the government’s Espionage Act case against him fell apart in 2011, Drake practically lost everything and faced a mountain of legal bills. He pleaded to a single misdemeanor for “exceeding authorized use of a government computer,” a violation he compares to “spitting on the NSA sidewalk”)

6. Machinist Mate 1st Class Kristian Saucier (This kid took some pics, facing 30 years)

7. Anyone (usually “Libtard or Demoncrap”) who says, “they didn’t mean to” do whatever they were convicted of.

8. Pot Smokers.

9. Jay Walkers

10. People in the wrong place at the wrong time.

11. Soviet Dissidents.

12. Chinese Dissidents.

13. The Agent that got prosecuted for mishandling one email.

14. The girl that made an off the cuff remark about a stuedent’s academic status to an advisor and lost her job the next day.

15. Nixon

16. Oliver North.

17. Tom Brady.

18. Tommy Chong (did 9 months for selling a bong to an undercover asshole).

19. Bryan Nishimura of Folsom, California. (A Navy engineer sentenced for mishandling classified material. He was sentenced to two years of probation and a $7,500 fine, and was ordered to surrender his security clearance. He is barred from seeking a future security clearance.)

20. The person/people that went to jail for smelling like alcohol in public.

21. Dinesh Joseph D’Souza

22. Person telling a nurse (who was mistreating and neglecting a family member recovering from surgery) jailed and arrested, for telling nurse to “fuck off.”

23. Scott Bloch (United States Special Counsel. pleaded guilty to criminal contempt of Congress for “willfully and unlawfully withholding pertinent information from a House Committee investigating his decision to have several government computers wiped ….”[12][13] On June 24, 2013, U. S. District Judge Robert L. Wilkins sentenced Bloch to one day in jail and two years’ probation, and also ordered him to pay a $5000 fine and perform 200 hours of community service.)

24. Brandon Mayfield (wiretapped, jailed, and falsely accused of terrorism by the FBI)

25. Scooter Libby

26. James Trafficant, Irwin Schiff (the guy from India that made a movie about Obama…house arrest.)

27. Richard Eggers (68 year old who was fired as a customer service representative for putting a cardboard cutout of a dime in a washing machine. Eggers was convicted of operating a coin-changing machine by false means. Eggers called it a “stupid stunt,” but questions his firing.)

28. Anyone/Everyone ever busted for violating a non-disclosure agreement.

29. Dinesh D’Souza (Author of “Stealing America”)

30. The person/people arrested and put in jail, for just being in the same room as someone rolling a joint.

31. Paula Dean. (Her career was ruined for saying nigg 30 years ago.)

32. Spiro Agnew. (He was elected vice president under Richard Nixon in 1969, but resigned from his second term in 1973 after being charged with bribery, conspiracy and tax fraud.)

33. Richard Jewell (Jewell alerted police and helped to evacuate people before the Atlanta, Georgia, Summer Olympic bomb exploded, saving many people from injury or death. Initially hailed by the media as a hero, Jewell was later considered a suspect, and RUINED. Of course later he was exonerated, and the true bomber was found, but he was already ruined.)

34. Dennis Hastert (was sent to jail for making multiple cash withdrawals from HIS BANK ACCOUNT. Yes, he was/is a perv. No question about it. But the crime he was convicted of was taking money out of his bank account.)

35. Many (maybe thousands of) military members that have been fired, jailed, fined, and imprisoned for “Mishandling Classified Material”
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