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Last week, COVID vaccine injury victim, Brittany Galvin appeared on the Stew Peters show and her neurologist confirmed that her injection with the Moderna “vaccine” is the cause of her affliction with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare autoimmune condition that affects the peripheral nervous system, resulting in a rapid-onset muscle weakness, paralysis and death.

Since her appearance last week, the Stew Peters show has been contacted by hundreds of other victims who say they have received this exact same diagnosis but as Peters says, “When they try to tell the world, they’re censored, blocked, banned, canceled.”

Another symptom that has become undeniable is the magnetization of the body, which everyone initially thought was a hoax. Thousands of people have taken to social media to record themselves sticking refrigerator magnets on their injection sites and house keys on their foreheads but few physicians have been willing to step forward until now.

Heath Economist, Dr Jane Ruby, with more than 20 years in pharmaceutical research joins Stew Peters to explain why we’re seeing these magnetic effects associated with the COVID injections. She explains that manipulative magnetic nanoparticles were deliberately added to the shots, because “It is a more aggressive delivery mechanism to get it [the mRNA that creates the spike proteins] into every cell in your body. It’s a process called ‘magneto-fection’…they are using magnetic fields through different chemicals to actually concentrate the mRNA into peoples’ cells. This is in alignment with everything we’ve been reporting for weeks, now. We just know what and how is behind these magnetic phenomena, where people are having these items are sticking to them.

“So, what it is is a lipid nano-particle and it’s a super delivery system and there are places in your body that synthetic DNA and RNA should not be going and yet, this approach forces the material – the mRNA encoding – to force your cells to make, over and over again, these dangerous spike proteins all over your body. It’s actually a forced gene delivery system.”

She says we’re going to hear more and more about SPIONs, which stands for Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, “Where they’re putting this magnetic field technology in and around the lipid-nanoparticle envelope…to get this mRNA into your cells.

“Why do they need to do that? Because the mRNA is so delicate, so easily-degraded – it’s another reason why it has to be stored, you know, the Pfizer shot material needs to be stored at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.”

There are hundreds of components called “polymags” that are available in 200-mcg vials that can be used to put magnetic fields around your molecules. Dr Ruby cites a German company called Chemicell which sells these with the following disclaimer, “‘The magno-fection reagents and all of its components are developed, designed, intended, sold for research use only.’ And here’s the frightening part, Stew, ‘They are not to be used for human diagnostic or any drug intended for humans.’”

Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body,their%20unique%20physical%2C%20chemical%2C%20magnetic%20and%20biocompatibility%20properties


As soon as the vaccine is injected into the human body, it will be exposed to human blood pressure and the cases will open automatically. The open housings themselves remain permanently in the body, having sharp edges formed by the triangular lids of the housing, so that these nanoparticles usually attach where they open when the pressure increases. And this happens at the site of vaccine injection. Thus, the sheaths open at the injection site, releasing the vaccine further into the bloodstream, but the shells remain open and trapped motionless in the human tissue at the injection site. Manipulating magnetic nanoparticles have been intentionally added to injections because they are a more aggressive delivery mechanism for getting them (mRNA sequences that make up virus spikes) into every cell in the body. It’s a process called magnetofection, and pharmaceutical companies use magnetic fields through various chemicals to actually concentrate mRNA into human cells. Magnetofection agents also appear to be used in vaccines for vaccinating children with conventional non-covid vaccines, at least in the aforementioned Boostrix tetravaccine. The magnetic nanocapsules are thus not primarily intended for a targeted delivery system of the vaccine to organs, but as an industrial packaging to extend the shelf life of the vaccine and increase resistance to ultraviolet and thermal radiation. The magnetization at the injection site shows that the cases are trapped in huge quantities at the injection site, and if not all of them, then certainly the vast majority of them. If these were cases of targeted transport to selected organs, the cases would not be captured in the vicinity of the injection. This means that in some people the nanoparticulate sleeves are delayed to open at the point where the sleeves are programmed to do so, but in some people the pressure locks of the sleeves open immediately after injection, so that the sleeves get stuck in human tissue at the injection site. in large quantities, and suddenly a human is a magnetic walking hanger. It is not enough for them to be vaccinated, they will want you to be magnetized and easier to identify when you go through the security frames. And where? In shops, shopping malls, theaters, cinemas, offices, banks, schools, railway stations, buses, trains, airports, stadiums. You just go through the security frame and thanks to the magnetism you will be like a magnetic stripe on a payment card with your own signature characteristics. Each person will be magnetized differently, with different markers.
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