Lin Wood: “The process will show that they themselves killed several people in this country” – 2020 Presidential Election Fraud

By Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian –, Public Domain

Attorney Lin Wood: Time and effort I’ve been putting into this but really it reflects almost round the clock efforts by members of the legal profession and ordinary people. People of this country that are all determined and not only uncovered the truth but exposed the truth. And when all is known I’m 100% confident that Donald Trump will be President of the United States for four more years. And I’m just this confident that Joe Biden and the people like him that been trying to steal this election and committed crimes for years they will all go to jail.

Howie Carr: What leads you to be so optimistic? There’s time but we are coming up on dates of voter certification.

Lin Wood: I believe in We the People. This was a well planned, almost for two decades attack to overthrow our government. Was it well done in the sense to hide the fraud? Sure. But it was too massive!… The process will show that they themselves killed several people in this country.

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Implicated are Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, George Soros, China, The Clinton Foundation…

To be revealed, The Hunter Biden Laptop, The Anthony Wiener Laptop, The Jeffery Epstein matter, The Durham report. 

This is not going to be pretty.
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