Libya: media blackouts, lies, and videotape

The “limited kinetic action” in Libya has been one of the most misrepresented, selectively covered, and tragic imperialistic NATO adventures in recent history. We are presented a picture of a madman, frothing at the mouth, slaughtering civilians whenever possible. We are shown a Libya that is united against Qaddafi, with a population that wants NATO to save them and help depose the evil Qaddafi. But is this true?

In fact, this is only a very small part of a large, complex picture. However, the Western media refuses to show their audience the entire reality while they are in fact there in Libya, able to fully appreciate the events. This just goes to show the strict gatekeeper aspect of Western mainstream media in which only certain things get covered and a very select few become major stories.

So what are we not being shown by our Western media? How about one million Libyans taking the streets of Tripoli in support of Qaddafi for starters? One would think that such a massive demonstration in the nation’s capitol would garner at least a little bit of the mainstream media’s attention. However this seems to miss the headlines completely.

A summary of American and international press coverage of the war in Libya compiled by the Tripoli Post one can see a bit of an inaccurate picture forming. To call it biased, selective, and cherry-picked is a bit of an understatement.

In reality the situation in Libya is much different than what we have been led to believe. Much like most of the revolutions and movements of history, it is usually not as simple as the entire populace uniting together under one ideal to depose the oppressive regime. If this were the case, revolutions wouldn’t be nearly as bloody as they have been throughout history, nor would civil wars ever have occurred. Clearly Libya is no different and there are people on both sides who are willing to fight and die for their beliefs.

The solution to this type of conflict is not to indiscriminately bomb civilians, revolutionaries, and compounds in which Qaddafi was thought to reside (which resulted in the murder of his son and three grandchildren). When the rebels are allied with al Qaeda, one can safely say that the government put in place will be no better than Qaddafi and will likely be much worse. They will also assuredly rape the nation of Libya of her natural resources, as well as the people. The rebels have already begun this process by selling off oil to the West.

While an astute consumer of news can easily assimilate a cogent and accurate picture of the situation in Libya, the Western media prefers to tell people how to analyze the news and what news to care about. Instead of being presented every single news story, each given equal importance, and then being told to assimilate and analyze the data, Americans are told to listen to a talking head who knows better than them what is going on. This is incredibly dangerous and is painfully apparent in much of peoples’ total ignorance or apathy when it comes to Libya or anything else that isn’t on their front door.

(Photo: Pan-African Newswire)

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