‘Libya invasion to lead to WWIII’

‘Libya invasion to lead to WWIII’
The 44th anniversary of the setback (Naksa) has arrived and so far, many people have been killed and hundreds wounded on the Syrian territory of Golan Heights, which has been occupied by Israelis since the 1967 war.

This comes as the West has remained silent while witnessing crimes committed by Israeli forces against the protesting Palestinians. In an interview with Alex Jones, from Austin, Texas, PressTV discussed the incident further more.


Transcription of the aforementioned interview (in part)

PressTV: We see what is happening right now in Libya. With the UN resolution we see no fly-zones that have been implemented on the country. However; if we look at Israel, especially from 1967, the UN resolutions are being ignored and many people have been killed over the decades there. Still mum’s the word from the Western community. What is the difference?

Jones: If you just look at this from a neutral position; not pro-Israel, anti-Israel, not pro-Palestinian, anti-Palestinian, just pro-truth, it is absolutely evident that this is total hypocrisy. I’m not a big fan of Muammar Gaddafi, but he didn’t run to Venezuela, he didn’t strafe crowds, he didn’t have rape gangs with Viagra, the State Department now had to admit that just like they admitted months after the first (Persian) Gulf war that Saddam didn’t take babes out of incubators. This is all about stealing trillions of dollars of oil and the water. It’s the fact that Gaddafi was building up the area of North Africa and actually giving real humanitarian and industrial aid to the west of Africa and being stabilizing force. He tried to make deals with the West, so he’s been betrayed now and they got this al-Qaeda on the east commanded by British SAS, Special Forces and CIA commandos. They were there before the uprisings that were triggered in the west against the east, going back more than three months ago. And it’s the same thing here. We have Israel on record shooting a bunch of peaceful demonstrators coming in from Syria and that is pleased. When Israel shoots a bunch of people, it’s loving and good, but in the meanwhile; they make up stuffs about Muammar Gaddafi and I’m not saying that they probably haven’t had things that I wouldn’t agree with in the middle of a major of guerilla war and now we have the ground operation starting to build up these patchy attack helicopters. So this is the height of ridiculous hypocrisy in 1984 level fraud and the whole world is really seeing this.

If there are dictators that the West backs, then you see the West backing the dictators, but if there strongman at the west doesn’t back, then we are told that they are Satan. So are we going to see NATO bombardment to enforce the UN resolution against Israel, because they are firing on peaceful people? Absolutely not! But we are going to see other UN resolutions against Libya. As the Russian foreign minister said this is the preparation for ground war in Libya, this is a spearhead with Africon as I predicted in my film The Obama deception two years ago that they were probably invade Libya as a spearhead to attack all Africa. You see the French going into Ivory Coast. This is new Imperialism, a caesura of infrastructure and meanwhile, the people of Europe, the people of the United States, are paying for this empire. We don’t even get any of the stolen loot so it’s absolutely outrages and immoral and the reason we had the fake peace process going on for decades is because it’s a fake process, a stalling tactic, while Israel expands. They want basically all of the Middle East and North Africa to be greater Israel.

PressTV: Sometimes we have some of the left wing politicians in Israel, saying or criticizing some aspects of what is happening. However, within the United States itself as far as the politicians, it is rare that they will come down hard on Israel. Why is this case?

Jones: well, prestigious professors have written books about it. You’ll be targeted by the Israel lobby if you don’t call for more money. I mean over the years I have not even made one of my main issues, but I’ve told the truth about Palestine and so I’ve been attacked and any politician that does swear a pledge to basically do whatever Israel says is then demonized and attacked by the mainstream media.

PressTV: How did Israel get so much power over the United States and the American politicians?

Jones: Well, Israel has been smart. They have aids through AIPAC and other groups in the ADL openly lobbied giving massive campaign contributions. And for some reason, you know if somebody from England gives money to your politician, it’s called espionage, and if somebody gives money from Russia to politicians, it’s called espionage. If somebody gives money from Venezuela to our politicians, it’s called spying payoff. But Israel, at least for last 30 years, has been the only foreign power, who has been allowed to openly come in and buy US politicians. And that’s why we see this happening and that’s why more and more I’m forced to come out and speak out against Israel. Israeli operatives here in the United States that are at the head of anti second amendment movement are moving to disarm the American people and I’m sorry, Israel you can have my guns; I mean it’s really that simple. But we do see incredible hypocrisy.

I want the people in Israel, I want the Palestinians to live in peace, but the problem is that I do want to caution folks after watching across the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and worldwide, there is prove that the state Department, the CIA and others, including the Israelis, are involved in Libya, are involved in other areas like Egypt with those overthrows or attempted overthrows and so they knew that the revolve was on and people were angry because of food prices come up these days, so they decided to trigger this now to try to steer these revolutions. And if there are uprisings against Israel, if Israel does get attacked, let’s say by Egypt– who started to make some of those noises– Israel is going to use its weapons, its nuclear weapons perhaps, attack Iran and others and use that as an excuse to expand its security zone. So this is a trap being set up and the orchestration of what could lead world war III. Same thing is being done in Pakistan with the attempted out of CIA and al-Qaeda groups that work for Western intelligence are attempting to start a war there. They want to start world war III. When you see the CIA and MI6 and Mossad and Shin Bet and others involved in some of these Arab revolutions, they are not just trying to steer them, they have started somewhere this and triggered some of it, not saying that people don’t have the legitimate right to revolt. It’s that there is a larger order of the chaos, geopolitical stratagem here and people better be very, very careful, because Israel wants to use those 200 nuclear weapons and they believe that they are going to be able to usher this world war III scenario and be the last group standing. So folks it’s better be careful right now.


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