Leonid Elenin: Elenin Disintigrated; Huh?

Comet Elenin soon to be visible on large telescopes!

According to Leonid Elenin, the first images of Elenin since its’ exit from a conjunction with the sun has left the comet ‘mostly disintigrated’ as you can observe in the latest picture of Comet Elenin below. My question; what are the objects that are still traveling with Elenin close together? These objects have been observed in several photographs of Elenin over the days going back many months. Check out the other pics and video of Comet Elenin below Leonid Elenin’s story. Some people think these may even be UFO’s and living entities visiting Earth as the quite informative and nearly convincing video at the bottom of the page shows. I’m not one to believe this; sure hope I’m right and that this isn’t part of the ‘staged alien invasion’! Project Bluebeam vs. Occupation Wall Street; another piece of the elite’s End Game?

Comet Elenin disintegrated

L. Elenin / ISON-NM Observatory

Based on the first images of the comet Elenin after its exit from the conjunction with the Sun, we can tell what comet mostly disintegrated. Maybe we can still observe  swarm of comet’s debris. On the left you can see possible position of this “cloud”. Brightness of this object does not exceed 18m, which means what now, magnitude of the comet is lower then predicted on 12m. Hopefully in the near future debris of the comet will be observed on a large telescopes, and perhaps we’ll see some details of this “cloud”. Currently the comet is very low above the horizon and I observed it in nautical twilight, but comet will quickly ascend on the Northern skies, but it’s further observations may be hampered by the full Moon….

Above from: spaceobs.org/en/2011/10/06/comet-elenin-disintegrated/
Disclose.tvcomet elenin – companion objects Video

Disclose.tvcomet elenin – companion objects Video

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