Leaked Video: Asteroid Impact Wyoming?

According to YouTube videographer Tom Lupshu, the video below has been leaked and shows what is said to be an asteroid impact in Wyoming. Does this video hold merit or is what we see below something else entirely? The following information comes to us directly from Tom.:

The National Guard has been mobilized due to an Impact Event in rural Wyoming. This information along with the video was sent to me by a contact in the Guard. NASA Scientists and The Department of Homeland security are on scene. My contact claims that a large Fireball landed and Impacted several miles around the area. He told me he copied the video with a webcam from a hardened military camcorder because the electricity in the area was in and out and it was very dark and smoggy. He emailed me the video then erased it from his webcam Immediately. This is what we have all been talking about. They are going to try their best to censor this video.

LEAKED VIDEO Asteroid Impact Event in Wyoming (HD).mp4

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