Lawyer claims 13 girls framed fellow student of rape because he was a “player” and Facebook evidence shows they were inspired by the movie John Tucker Must Die

Tyler Kost, appeared in court this Monday, he was arrested last May and currently faces 30 charges in three indictments from sexual abuse to child molestation crimes against 13 girls between the ages of 13 and 17, most of whom were former classmates of his at Poston Butte High School.

Attorneys for the now 19-year-old claim there is a ‘treasure trove’ of evidence proving the girls plotted and lied about the abuse, but the lawyers want further access to their Facebook accounts to prove it.

Kost’s defense stated they have new evidence from Facebook as well as Instagram which shows the women may have lied about the alleged sexual abuse.

‘Over a year ago Mr. Kost was publicly accused of being a serial rapist. What we know now is that there was a group of girls who conspired against Tyler to put him in jail. They succeeded in that, and Tyler has now been in jail for over a year based on those lies,’ Kost attorney Christine Whalin stated ….
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