LATEST NEWS UPDATE. DHS and FEMA Preparations – Is War Here At Home Coming Soon! (?) – Video

By Susan Duclos

Excellent points are made in this video below about  fascism in America. Using examples like Boston after the marathon bombing and how quickly a state can declare martial law, imagining that in cities across America, where 50 percent of the population, according to the video report, believe an armed revolution is on the horizon.

The main point that caught my attention is around the three-and-a-half minute mark when the conversation turns to the U.S. waging wars, talking about the more we do so,  the greater the chances of retaliatory attacks again us. This is particularly relevant now as reports come out that the U.S. and the UK are planning to attack Syria, with Russia taking Syria’s side and going on “war alert.”

Watch the whole thing and ask yourself, are you prepared? Are you ready for the day we are at war right here at home?

Preppers have the right idea, there is no such thing as being too prepared.

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