Las Vegas gone wild – Cheap room rates invite mayhem, street races, with LVMPD absent

CASINO.ORG: Low Room Rates in Las Vegas Responsible for Labor Day Violence: Analyst

Thanks to the leftist Governor Sissylak, Vegas has devolved into a sesspool of low income tourists destroying Clark County, while hundreds of thousands of locals remain unemployed without unemployment checks due to Sissylak’s leftist politics..

Wait, there’s more!

The Southwest Vegas intersection of Buffalo Drive and Badura Avenue hosted an illegal street racing exhibition of at least 100 cars, with 300 or so spectators cheering as Metro Police were nowhere to be found..

Welcome to Sissylak’s new Vegas. Time to defund LVMPD, right Governor Sissylak?

The fabulous Las Vegas strip under Sissylak’s Governing.

“..look at the quality of the tourists now! Great job Governor! Sissylak sued Nevada and got his $20 million; what does he care?

Enjoy Las Vegas’s 2020 tourism promotion video highlights!
Low room rates, yeeaahh booooy!”

A spike in violence on the Las Vegas Strip over Labor Day weekend is a direct result of rock-bottom room rates. That’s according to Greg Mullen, vice president of CDC Consulting, who told the Las Vegas Review-Journal this week he believes the drop in prices during the coronavirus pandemic is attracting the wrong sort of person.
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