Larry Nichols Just Now from a Senator Sessions source: They will flip the Electoral College Vote

Larry Nichols just now stated (1:45pm) on the Alex Jones show, that he was informed by a source in Senator Sessions office, the plan IS to flip the electoral college. Nichols says he is not entirely certain they have all the votes but it sounds like he has a high level of confidence that they will. Also the source said once Clinton is installed AJ is #1 on the list to be shutdown. God Help us if he is right.

Larry also said his source told him that after Clinton is installed, Pelosi and her minions are ready to sue Jones for inciting civil insurrection. Once it goes to Federal Court the judge will order his operation suspended until the case is adjudicated. A PURGE IS COMING.

He claims to be an Ex Clinton hit man… “he was the Clinton’s “cleaner” in the 80’s”

Trying to overturn a free and fair election

“Desperation pursues despair, and the Democrats are stumbling from inanity to insanity in search of a way to block Donald Trump’s path to the White House.”
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