L. Ron Hubbard’s Great-Grandson Spills The Family Secrets On How Scientology Started

Scientology has a history of silencing critics. If you want to know where that history comes from, look no further than the experiences of Jamie DeWolf, the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Learn his family’s story. Then share it.

At 1:46, we learn about L. Ron’s dream to con everyone. At 3:40, we hear about the horrifying threats. At 5:42, the church takes the family secrets. At 7:00, I laugh.

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By L. Ron Hubbard’s great-grandsonJamie DeWolf for the good folks at Snap Judgement. You can download his latest album for free here. Learn about some of L. Ron’s interesting fabricated history. And read about what it’s like for a celebrity to try to leave the church.

DISCLOSURE: I was a Scientologist briefly a while back. I took their personality test on a whim. They called me in for a consultation. I told my wife to fix me if I came back brain-washed. I went to the LA Scientology center. They showed me a movie of weird celebrities telling me that if it weren’t for Scientology, they’d be dead. They told me they have an empty office in every center in case Hubbard comes back, and that he wrote a ton of really bad books. They then showed me my results and asked me if I wanted to pay for a class on how to be more organized. (You don’t need a test to know I’m a organizational disaster.) I asked them how they could believe this stuff. Then I signed up for a free six-month membership on the off chance that I could use it in the future for a joke. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.



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