Kevin Trudeau Exposed Again: Chasing the Dream Seller – 5/29/13 – Full Episode on ABC

FULL EPISODE on 5/29/13 – CHICAGO — The controversial TV infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau is facing possible incarceration for his failure to pay a $37.6 million court-ordered sanction entered against him three years ago over misleading television ads for his weight-loss book. Trudeau, an ex-felon who built an infomercial empire in the 1990s and went on to become a best-selling author, says he has no assets and cannot pay.
“I don’t have $37 million hidden someplace,” Trudeau tells Bill Weir in tonight’s premiere episode of ABC’s “The Lookout.” “If they can find $37 million, pop the Champagne. Good luck.”
Yet the Federal Trade Commission — the consumer watchdog agency that has tangled with Trudeau frequently over the past two decades — argues that he simply cannot be trusted to give a full accounting of his assets. The FTC is seeking to have a judge hold Trudeau in contempt for his failure to pay the penalty, and argues that Trudeau should be jailed until he does.
“We think it is the only appropriate option,” says Jim Kohm, the associate director of enforcement of the FTC’s consumer protection bureau. “He should be placed in jail until he repatriates his money and pays off the debt he has to consumers.”
Over the past several months, the FTC has subpoenaed the records of dozens of banks, corporations, individuals and law firms to bolster its allegations that Trudeau is engaged in lucrative business ventures and spending freely. The government contends Trudeau has masked his ownership and control of companies that are funding a lavish lifestyle, replete with luxury automobiles and stately homes.
A team from ABC’s “The Lookout” set out this spring in search of Trudeau and his allegedly hidden wealth, visiting corporate offices and knocking on the doors of a mammoth mansion in suburban Chicago. After our initial request to interview Trudeau was declined by his lawyers, we set off to find him ourselves, ultimately locating Trudeau living quite well in a lakeside apartment in Zurich, one of the world’s most-expensive cities.
“I have to live someplace,” a nattily dressed Trudeau told Weir in a good-natured conversation near the shore of picturesque Lake Zurich. “Should I live on the street? Should I sleep on a park bench?”
Trudeau is under no travel restrictions and has appeared at court hearings in the United States whenever his presence has been required. But it does appear that Trudeau has made himself comfortable in Zurich, at least judging by his credit card records subpoenaed by the FTC. Late last year, he dropped more than $30,000 on an oriental carpet and more than $110,000 at furniture boutiques.
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