Kenya Stricken by Drought, Risk of Starvation – VIDEO

Drought-stricken northeastern Kenya.

Villages here are littered with the carcasses of dead livestock while hospitals are starting to receive malnourished children.

Around 10 million people across the Horn of Africa are at risk, with Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia most affected.

UK Charity Save the Children is calling for donors to fund the 40 million dollars needed for its operations in the area.

Clinics are monitoring the health of the children and providing families with high protein and vitamin foods.

There is heavy competition among the pastoral communities for grazing for their herds, and many people have lost livestock – normally a source of food or income.

[Fatuma Hassan, Wajir Resident]:

“We lost our livestock, so we have no meat, no milk and no money to buy anything at all.”

The rains have failed for the last several seasons, and the few sources of water available must be shared with domestic animals.

A Save the Children official says even most underground wells have dried up.


“This was one of the shallow wells that dried up, from this area. Actually they were the most sustainable water sources here because they had water all through the year and they do not require any energy to pump out the water.”

People must now travel long distances to find water.


“They have to walk 12 kilometres to have water on the back of women, on the back of donkey carts, and that is the source of water. Save The Children had been doing water trucking for the emergency here. We had been providing water to this community, so water is actually the problem for this village.”

Save the Children says their emergency appeal will help feed underweight children, and provide clean water and medical treatment.

It is hoped the situation will improve with the short rains season expected in September.

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