Kamala’s Husband Spreads Misinformation, Says COVID Vaccine ‘Only Thing’ That Will Prevent ‘Dying Or Getting Really Sick’ | ZeroHedge

Source: Kamala’s Husband Spreads Misinformation, Says COVID Vaccine ‘Only Thing’ That Will Prevent ‘Dying Or Getting Really Sick’ | ZeroHedge

Authored by Emily Miller via Emily Posts (emphasis ours),

As subscribers read on Thursday, the Second Gentleman of the United States is now terrifying immigrants to convince them get the COVID vaccine. Douglas Emhoff pressured a native-Spanish speaker into a publicity stunt to help his wife’s administration achieve its vaccination goals. A Mexican immigrant was given a vaccine after the heavy-handed arm twisting by Emhoff.

Posadas (left) holds the vaccine injection site on his arm. Emhoff ais on the right.

On Wednesday, Emhoff was at a mobile vaccination site at the Broadmoor Community Church in New Orleans. Emhoff has been touring the country this summer to help promote the political vaccination goals of his wife, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Pres. Joe Biden.

The media was brought outside the church to watch Mexican immigrant Gustavo Posadas waiting for a shot at a vaccination site, according to a press pool report. The PR gimmick was clearly set up in advance. “Who do we have here?’ Emhoff asks, while looking around for the man.

“This is Gustava, here,” replied a man wearing a clerical collar. The pastor pointed at Posadas who was wearing a green t-shirt, straw hat and a face mask below his nose.  A live video of the event was taken by NOLA on Facebook.

“I heard it took a little work, but you’re there, so let’s do this,” creepy Emhoff said to Posadas. “Thanks for doing it in front of everybody.”

Emhoff spoke to the 44-year-old man as if he was a toddler at the doctor’s office. “Don’t be nervous. It won’t hurt. I’ve had it. I can take it. So don’t be scared,” Emhoff told Posadas.

The immigrant then stood off to the side while Emhoff shook hands with doctors and medical staff from Ochsner Health. After posing for photos, Emhoff turns back to Posadas.

“Gustava, thank you so much. Muy importante,” Emhoff said in English-accented Spanish.  “What do you have to say to people? And you’re going to tell a bunch of people…?”

“I tell everybody,” Posadas said in Spanish-accented English.  “I don’t want this before. But now I think this is real…” 

“This is real,” Emhoff says, completing his sentence. “And it’s the only thing that is going to prevent you, your family and others from dying or getting really sick.

Say what? A vaccine is the only thing that is going to prevent people from dying from COVID? Is this what the Biden administration’s door knockers are telling people in private?

The recovery rate for COVID is 98 to 99 percent. Almost all the deaths are due to age or underlying conditions. Johns Hopkins currently has the rate at 98.2 percent in America. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci testified before Congress that the survival rate is actually 99 percent because asymptomatic cases are under counted.

Emhoff seemingly doesn’t care to give the facts to Posadas and put the success of the media stunt at risk. “I’m so grateful you’re doing this in front of the cameras so you can tell everyone it’s okay,” said Emhoff. 

Posadas nods his head. “Everything – my people – I thinks, we want the shot. This is real. I not believe you before, but I feel it now.”

No reporter asks questions. But the obvious one is: How long ago did Posadas not “believe” Emhoff? Who convinced him to take the vaccine? What was told to him in English or Spanish?

Emhoff wastes no time with Posadas’s hesitancy.  “Well let’s do it!” said the Second Gentleman while the medical staff and clergy applaud.

Posadas is put in a white, folding chair. He keeps on the mirrored sunglasses. A woman in scrubs tells him to pull the mask over his nose. He rolls up his sleeve as the woman comes in with the needle. Posadas looks in the opposite direction.

“Look at me! Look at me!” Emhoff tells him, while the shot is administered. The crowd applauds. Emhoff holds out his fist, and Posadas bumps him after he stands.

Thank you for doing this,” Emhoff says, while Posadas rubs his arm and says something in Spanish. “Thank you for telling everyone to do this.

Emhoff walks away to do media interviews while a woman is heard off camera saying, “Gustava, did you get your card with your vaccination on it?”

The Second Gentleman tells reporters that, “On the Covid piece, on the vaccinations, I’m not going to stop. This administration is not going to stop until we continue to get the word out here.”

Emhoff continues but seems to not remember Posadas’s name. “You heard what he said –  it’s real. He didn’t believe it. He believes it now….” Harris’s husband does a hard sell of the vaccines and adds, “We’re going to go door to door, bring the vaccines out to the people until we get this done.

The July 4th deadline for the Biden’s goal to get 70 percent of Americans vaccinated is past. He and Harris should stop their obsession with universal vaccination and just let people like Posadas make their own medical decisions based on a risk assessment. Also, there should be a required interpreter for any door-to-door vaccine salesman from the Biden White House who convinces a non-native English speaker to get a shot.


NOLA.com video


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