Justin Trudeau Spends Time Spoofing a Desk Clerk @G20 Summit As Other World Leaders Dialogue.

Justin Trudeau Spends Time Spoofing a Desk Clerk @ G20 Summit 2017

According to Anton Troianovski of the Wall Street Journal, Mr Trudeau set himself up at the lobby counter for the G20 today and proceeded to greet people with that Canadian politeness you hear so much about.

Despite holding the highest office in Canada, the 45-year-old seemingly decided he fancied doing something else for the day. Sorry folks no pics of his flashy socks.

The prime minister greeted reporters at the summit while sitting at the front desk, blending in with those around him and presumably prompting more than a few double takes, according to Wall Street Journal writer Anton Troianovski.

Do you think he’s getting a bit bored?

It’s been a busy summit for Trudeau between discussing climate change with Angela Merkel and pledging $20 million for women entrepreneurs in developing countries.


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