Jubilant Libyan Rebels Take Gaddafi Compound


Triumphant rebels seized Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli on Tuesday after a fierce battle with a loyalist rearguard.

But it was unclear whether the “Brother Leader” or his sons were still somewhere in the complex’s maze of buildings and bunkers.
Rebel fighters poured into the sprawling Bab al-Aziziya headquarters compound, firing in the air in celebration after hours of heavy clashes.
Defensive fire died away and hundreds of jubilant rebels poured in.
Some smashed a statue of Gaddafi. Others hunted through dozens of buildings, unchallenged, seizing weaponry and vehicles.
The rebels’ envoy to the United Nations said the area was “totally in the hands of the revolutionaries.”
NATO said Gaddafi’s whereabouts were unclear but were no longer a major concern.
Western governments, which have backed disparate opposition groups, also said they could not be sure where the 69-year-old leader was.

They have urged him to surrender after six months of civil war which have put an end to his four decades of absolute power 

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