John Sununu Humiliates CNN’s Soledad O’Brien

Ahh, this is a good one.

Not that anyone watches CNN, but as surrogates for President Obama, they want absolutely nothing so much as to play along with the president’s distraction strategy: “Jobs? The economy? Look, a squirrel!” Or in this case, “Look, Donald Trump, Romney supporter, is a birther! ”

Crusty John Sunnunu has been around for awhile and won’t have any of it, especially from a leftist airhead like Soledad O’Brien. I love the way he flat out asks her if she isn’t ashamed to be following talking points to the letter she got from the campaign that morning.

If Mitt Romney has to answer for Donald Trump’s support, what about Bill Maher’s $1 mil contribution to Obama’s campaign and his sleazy remarks about women? What about the fact that corrupt financier Jon Corzine, who ‘lost’ $ 1.2 billion of his company’s investor funds is one of Obama’s top bundlers?

What about racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton, another of Obama’s intimates who’s spent considerable personal time with the president at the White House and is now out campaigning for him?

What about Jeremiah Wright, and his admitting on national television that he was paid $150,000 by Obama consigliere Ed Whitaker to keep his mouth shut and maintain a low profile during the 2008 campaign? A huge bribe on behalf of a president of the United States? Isn’t it odd that the dinosaur media isn’t following that story up? You know if it involved someone close to Mitt Romney it would be screaming page one headlines and the lead story for weeks.

Too much is known about Barack Obama this time out. If the Obama campaign wants to play in the dirt, there’s going to be a lot more coming back their way than they can throw.

Soledad O’Brien mentions John McCain’s conduct in 2008 as an example Romney ought to follow. Of course she would! McCain stupidly insisted on taking the high road to an absurd degree, and his reward was to get buried in slime and ridicule by Barack Obama and his media lackeys – everything from a bogus headline story about a supposed affair with a lobbyist to attacks on his family, nasty cracks about his age and even about his service related disability.

Not this time. The issues are going to be Obama’s failures – on the economy, on energy, on jobs and on foreign policy. And if Obama’s campaign wants to bring up side issues, let the games begin.


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