James Brown and his afterlife stylist Michael Jackson



James Brown and his afterlife stylist

Michael Jackson styled dead James Brown’s hair into a corpse quiff. Ew!

James Brown and his afterlife stylistJames Brown and his afterlife stylist
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Thu, 10/10/2013 – 11:10 by Tim Chipping

The thing we miss most about Michael Jackson being dead isn’t the music. Let’s face it, a lifetime of churning out EDM-lite with will.i.am beckoned. No, it’s the utterly chimpshit insane stories about his peculiar behavior that we’re nostalgic for. So this tidbit is a gift from Jehovah. Apparently when James Brown died, Michael Jackson requested access to his body and then styled the godfather of soul’s lifeless hair for the funeral. Because that’s perfectly normal.

In case you’re doubting the truth to this tale of necrocoiffuring, it comes from the mouth of the Rev. Al Sharpton. And who ever heard of a minister of the church telling lies?

The Reverend was talking on US TV show Big Morning Buzz Live when he said this…

“I got a call from the mortician and he asked me if it was alright if Michael Jackson could come by the funeral home and see James Brown’s body. I said, ‘But Michael’s in Bahrain’. And he said, ‘No, he’s here’.

“A couple of hours later, I called and the mortician said, ‘He just left. He was here about an hour and he was re-combing Mr. Brown’s hair’. He felt that I had combed the hair wrong.

“People didn’t realise he was really into James and he actually styled his hair the way it was buried.”

Hey, we’re really into the music of Steps but we have no plan to visit the rotting carcass of Ian H Watkins and give him curtains.

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