It begins: New Zealand doctors send letter to police to investigate deaths from COVID vaccination

An unedited version of the letter from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) is currently being prepared for police, the press release said.

New Zealand medics have written an open letter to authorities calling for an investigation into the deaths that have occurred since the Covid vaccine was administered.

An unedited version of the letter from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) is currently being prepared for police, the press release said.

1. There is a shocking number of deaths and injuries after the Covid-19 vaccines, alone and compared to any other treatment or vaccine in the modern age. We report many cases that MUST require proper investigation, as is the case with any drug that has not been subject to safety studies.

2. Our surveillance systems have been shut down to hide the extent of the damage. Reporting side effects is NOT REQUIRED, and that alone undermines any attempt to portray the injections as safe. CARM was never designed to provide early warning of experimental drugs being administered en masse.

3. Children and young people die and mainly suffer from heart injuries (although many healthy elderly people have also died), while their risk from Covid-19 is very low. We believe we are being lied to. We present many cases halfway through this post.

4. We once again call on the police, led by Andrew Coster, and our MPs to intervene to protect the public,” the letter reads.

We are in an evolving humanitarian crisis and the government, the police, the vaccine industry, and most doctors have lost their way. For God’s sake folks, let’s get our police and MPs to end this now!” explains NZDSOS.

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The letter points to a number of deaths extracted from the citizen’s database. The dead were mostly young adults, some even children, and died unexpectedly and suddenly, according to the Rio Times.

In many cases, their deaths were caused by blood clots in the brain or heart. Below are some of the names:

  • Eddie, 13, Wellington. Died in his sleep after being attacked with a knife a few nights earlier at an event with some of his schoolmates. Presumably he is the teenager mentioned here by MOH.
  • Joanna, 15 years old, Auckland. A friend’s mother reported the death. Joanna collapsed in her bathroom, her heart stopped. She died on the way to the hospital or while she was there.
  • Katie, age 13. Died in the arms of a youth camp worker in October 2021, about a week after her first inoculation. Cause of death: heart muscle inflammation, initially diagnosed by the GP and treated as asthma.
  • Allen Tardrew, 52. Bay of the Islands. Particularly gripping. Died Dec 13, 2021, first vaccination in pop-up tent Nov 1, 2021, noticed cardiac arrhythmias immediately, had a massive heart attack about 4.5 weeks later. He was hospitalized for 2 days where he shared his suspicions with the doctor who disagreed, he was discharged and died 3 days later. He asked a friend to present his case when he died!
  • Susan, 41 years old. Hokianga. Had first vaccination in May 2021 and was found dead in bed 4 days later. Cause of death 3 blood clots in left lung, blood clot in aorta, which the coroner just found “accidentally”.
  • Robert, 21 years old. Northland. Died in October 2021, 1-2 days after vaccination. Cause of death: cerebral haemorrhage and cardiac arrest. Fit and healthy active man.
  • Paul, age 52. Died October 2021, 2 weeks after vaccination. Found dead in the sleeping area of ​​a truck.
  • Simon, in his 50s. Normally healthy. Died suddenly at work in October 2021 of heart failure, shortly after the vaccination. Details about the dates are not available.
  • Aio 16 years old. Schoolgirl from Whangarei. Died in December 2021, 2 weeks after vaccination of a brain haemorrhage and blood clots. Some hospital workers believed the vaccine would kill her, according to relatives.
  • Isabella Alexander, 17. Died September 2021. Cause of Death: Multiple Blood Clots. Slumped in her father’s arms while walking. Didn’t feel well for a week after the first vaccination. 3 days later, the nation’s prime minister stated on television that it was not due to the vaccination. The coroner still hasn’t come forward 9 months later.
  • Grace was 23/24 years old. Died September 2021, cause of death blood clot. Second vaccination 10 days earlier, then fell unwell, minor seizures, final seizure where her neck broke and a friend found her purple on the bathroom floor, dead. The hospital denies it and says it could not have been the vaccine. Why the hell not?
  • Karl, 33 years old. Died May 17, 2021. Mentally retarded, died in his sleep some time after the first vaccination.
  • Annabelle, 38 years old. Died two hours after the second vaccination in September 2021. She was a nurse and had no choice – the doctors explained that a bad reaction to the Covid injection caused her blood to clot. The hospital reportedly agreed that the vaccination killed her, but asked the family to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
  • Timothy, 33, Paraparaumu. Died of a heart attack at home 2 days after vaccination.
    Janice, 35, Taupare, healthy, found dead in bathroom about 12 days after vaccination.
  • Aneela, in her 30s, died suddenly while giving birth in Auckland, a week after being vaccinated. She was found to have blood clots. Her baby was delivered by Caesarean section and died after 4 days.
  • Rory Nairn, 26, from Dunedin. Died of myocarditis on November 17. The MOH has confirmed that this is one of 3 deaths related to vaccines so far. They have indicated that he has postponed seeking medical help.
  • Piotr, 53, Auckland. Found dead by his mother shortly after the first dose. Unregistered
  • Tongan couple, South Auckland, BOTH passed away in mid-March 2021, within 12 hours of each other. There remain 5 children in their teens, who were compensated. Names are withheld. Lawyers confirm the case.
  • Louis, 29 years old, avid football player. Sudden chest pain, collapsed after workout and died. Healthy and energetic. Leave behind a young family. He joins the ranks of the many dead athletes in the world.
  • Harry, 76, died of a heart attack on the day of the 1st vaccine. Leaves a wife and 4 children.
  • Moana, 39. Died 4 days after vaccination in Whangarei in September 2021. Cause of death blood clot/brain.
  • Martin, 62, Auckland. The coroner verbally confirmed that the death was a post-vaccination death, but refused to put it in writing or report it to CARM. Leave a shocked family.
  • Ruth, 57, Dunedin, teen found her mother dead in bed 12 hours after the first dose. Heavy brain haemorrhage.
  • Simon, 59, heart attack in August 2021, sudden after first dose, no previous problems. Love rugby.
  • Phillip, 50’s. Hamilton, died 25/8/21, 2 days after first injection. Body sent away for cremation, “covered up” according to family.
  • Ray, 52, Auckland. Died 26/5/21, after first vaccination. Well controlled diabetic. Found slumped behind the computer, half a cup of tea next to him.
  • Joe, 41, from Auckland. Found dead by police a week after his first dose. Very unexpected.
  • Frith, 79, major stroke 2 days after second dose. Some chronic illness, but stable.
  • Willy, 66, Auckland, died June 21. Healthy, fit man, sudden death, heart attack 3 days after second dose. Found on the ground and died alone.
  • Ashley, age 70, Auckland. Cerebral hemorrhage 2 days after 2nd dose on 14/8/21. Family advised against PM.
  • Violet, 72, Napier, died of a brain haemorrhage on 14/6/21. 2 days after the 2nd vaccination. Vaccination opponents in family, therefore no CARM report submitted.
  • Martin, 65, Papakura, died 5 days after 1st vaccination from multiple blood clots in brain. Fit nature boy
  • Jake, 51, passed away at home on 30/12/21 after being vaccinated in Dunedin, a neighbor noticed blurry speech? Stroke.
  • Curtis, 71, Wellsford, died unexpectedly at home 3 days after vaccination.
  • Mike, 47, Wanaka. Died suddenly at work, cause unknown, 3 days after first vaccination. The family believes the vaccine killed him.
  • Matt, 59, Masterton, died chopping wood a week after the first or second vaccination. Heart attack.
  • Basil, 57, a lorry driver from Queenstown, heart attack 5 days after his first vaccination. The doctors declined to perform an autopsy. It was suspected that his death was covered up by the vaccination.
  • Melbourne resident Royce, 42, died while walking 26 days after his second vaccination, on August 21.
  • Michaela, 22, a resident of France, sudden death 9 hours after the second vaccination. Unclear if she was born in New Zealand.
  • Ngaire, 64, Dannevirke. Died of neurological symptoms in hospital a few weeks after the 2nd vaccination. Rather healthy.
  • Max, 49, Christchurch, sudden death at work in May 2022 after the second vaccination.
  • Keith, 68, Canterbury, fell from a ladder after being inoculated but an autopsy revealed no injuries to explain his death. Perhaps a cardiac arrest or a stroke that led to the fall?
  • Maureen, 61, Timaru in February 2022. She got progressively worse after each shot, was extremely anxious after the booster, and died 2 weeks later. Some pre-existing conditions, but marked deterioration after the first vaccination.
  • Gregory 57, was hospitalized for many years, sudden death 7 days after the first vaccination. IHC patient was unable to give consent.
    Horace, 91, elderly but stable. Severe stroke within 24 hours of vaccination, died 4 days later in Rotorua hospital.
  • Ivan, 75, from Turangi, in January 2022. A healthy man collapsed after booster vaccination and died in the bush. The family calls for a thorough investigation.
  • Merv, 50, from Taranaki. Healthy, but died in his sleep sometime after the second shot. It is already uncommon for people to die unexpectedly in their sleep, but not as often as in this list.
  • Elizabeth, age 65, a nurse, succumbed to blood clots just hours after her first vaccination in April 2021. A senior doctor reportedly called her colleagues at work and said it was the flu shot. However, they did not know. If so, then it could be a fraud.
  • Robynne, 57, from Foxton, died suddenly and unexpectedly the day after the shot.
  • Karl, 63, Fielding, died of a heart attack 2 weeks after the second vaccination.

And much more, you can read the rest here.

The NZDSOS’s appeal to the police is below:

It is not enough to hide behind seemingly controlled, failed, or corrupt state institutions.

You are here to defend the public interest. Point. You are here to distinguish false from true, false from truth.
You have ignored three open letters from our legal colleagues discussing harm from vaccines and alleging serious infections from vaccines. The evidence we submitted claiming the same and suggesting criminal misconduct by the Medsafe regulator was rejected by the police chiefs on the grounds that it did not meet the standard to cause harm. How much worse could it get? Yes, all this is indeed “absurd”. They hide behind Medsafe’s responsibility to investigate but refuse to act if Medsafe doesn’t act. As we have said before, your vaccinated workers are among the citizens who receive these contaminated products.

As you know, we charge you with death due to the negligence of the authorities. You will see in the summary death records (which make up one-third of the more than 450 records available) that there are some allegations that professionals and the police have deviated from the usual processes to follow a possible death from medical treatment. The raw list we give you is of course completely confidential unless it is necessary for your formal investigation.
If one person can behave in a compromising way in organizations where control and intimidation come from above, it is very likely – even inevitable – that many others will do the same, thus allowing for system-wide collusion that may not be apparent. for the individual actor who sees himself only as a “cog in the wheel”. Some of these people feel guilty, personally or collectively, and thus have the instinct to carry on and remain silent because they are encouraged to do so by their superiors and are far too deep in it at this stage to back down or do anything. to say. We spoke to some employees who believe their lives are at risk if they go public, even though there are laws in place to protect whistleblowers. Some claim they have precedents for these views, which is really shocking for us to hear. May these people soon have a safe place to tell their stories.

Much evidence has been received under case number 220215/0669. Here are a few more. We raise allegations of fraud in the PCR test. This evidence is now a year old, but Dr. Jessica Rose, a statistician, just used the Wayback Machine to demonstrate that incriminating evidence of pre-planning was erased in real-time.
Here at home, through requests for information under the Official Information Act, following individual reports to CARM, and questioning those involved, we find that there is enough deception, denial, obscuration, and opacity to suggest that evidence from harm, right through to the erasure of patient injury reports submitted directly to Medsafe and the Department of Health itself. We know that the Department of Health pre-screens the reports of injuries and deletes some before forwarding the rest to the Center for Adverse Drug Monitoring (CARM), a private organization led by Professor Michael Tatley of the University of Otago.

If you wanted to, you could just get the government’s Covid Immunization Registry (CIR) and check it with the birth and death registries. We will too if you can give us access to the raw data. But we see that you are busy recruiting your new “covid controllers” before September 1. Wouldn’t it be better to train more detectives to investigate all these deaths and find the criminals responsible? Or are they somehow protected?

You can read the complete open letter here .

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