Israeli Develops Portable Electric Scooter

An Israeli man has designed a portable electric scooter that is small enough to carry in a bag, and strong enough to be used by adults.

Industrial designer Nimrod Sappir invested his own savings, his family’s savings, and took out a bank loan to develop his idea. The project was three and a half years in the making, and the effort is now paying off.

The scooter, named “Myway”, won the Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Industrial Design Award.

[Nimrod Sappir, Industrial Designer]:
“The difference between my scooter and models that exist today is of course the lithium-ion batteries. The whole chassis is built differently, everything is thinner, smaller, and lighter, and folds really fast; you can tuck it into a bag, pull or carry it when you don’t need it, and when you do, you just open it and drive.”

[Noam Meshulam, Technician]:
“The marvel of this invention is that it’s light-weight, collapsible, mobile and easy to operate. It’s a nice machine, but it’s not for children.”

And using the scooter means you can get the whole way from A to B as easily as possible.

[Noam Meshulam, Technician]:
… [it] enables them to reach their destination as fast as possible, or skip between destinations—for example, you get off the train, take your scooter whether it’s in your bag or trolley, or hold it by its handle, then open it in seconds and reach your destination in a motorized way, without sweating.”

Sappir is now investing his energy in the next version.

[Nimrod Sappir Industrial Designer]:
“The product I’m selling today is 1.1 meters in size when it’s folded. The future version will be only 60 centimeters in size. The weight will be similar—around 12 kilos.”

Sappir’s idea is to give people a simple yet effective way to use their vehicles less, be independent and have easier access anywhere.

Reporter:Janet Zrian      Photographer: David Bershadsky
NTD News, Israel.
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