ISON: UPDATE- Core Explodes!! – Countdown To Disintegration The Clock Is Ticking Again And Now Reads “0″ (Video)

By Susan Duclos

[Update] Space Weather indicates that the long tail from ISON is the result from something exploding from the core.

Quote: “Whatever exploded from the comet’s core also created a spectacularly-long tail, more than 16 million kilometers from end to end.”

Videographer Nemisis Maturity has released a new video discussing Comet ISON and how it has passed red line after red line, always with the possibility of fragmenting, yet continues to streak towards the sun, bigger and brighter than ever.

It has been reported recently  that ISON may be breaking up and the outer coma equaling the size of 70 moons, yet the countdown to disintegration has begun, again.

Via the Details:

Since there is no confirmation about the fragmentation of the nucleus, the count down clock is ticking again and today it reads “0″. That means that today the comet is crossing the last Red Line due to comet Ensor. If the comet survives this Red Line without disintegrating, it will set a record. ISON has crossed 10 Red Lines and still remains in one piece, an amazing feat!

With even scientists admitting they have no idea what is going to happen and the strange anomalies ISON continues to shock and awe experts with, it is really anyone’s guess what this “Comet of the Century” will do at this point, so each and every new piece of information is watched in fascination by comet and asteroid watchers.
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