ISIS Tells Christian Children To Deny Christ Or Be Behead

ISIS Tells Christian Children To Deny Christ Or Be Beheaded. Their Response Is Awe-Inspiring

An incredible story of four young, Iraqi children and their encounter with the Islamic State has surface, and it should make every Christian in the Western world both outraged and impassioned.

Christians in the Middle East know what truth faith and real persecution is. They know the meaning of dying for one’s beliefs, something so common in Muslim countries, yet so foreign for us.

When ISIS insurgents gave four children, all under the age of 15, the choice of converting to Islam or being beheaded, the decision was simple.

“Islamic State turned up and said to the children, you say the words that you will follow Mohammed,” Canon Andrew White told the Orthodox Christian Network.

The demand for Christians to convert to Islam is nothing new, but the children’s response will leave you awe-struck:

“The children, all under 15, four of them, said ‘No, we love Yesua (the Iraqi name for Jesus), we have always loved Yesua, we have always followed Yesua, Yesua has always been with us.’”

White is an Anglican priest also known as the “Vicar of Baghdad.” He has long seen violence and persecution against religious minorities in the face of Islam.

White claims that the militants gave the children one last chance to convert, but again they refused, reaffirming their faith in Christ.

Just as they did in Mosul, the jihadists decapitated all four children.

White is now reaching out to Western Christians, hoping the children’s story will reach far and wide. He warns that it is impossible for Christians to live in Iraq because of the dangerous persecution by Muslims.

Already, more than 250,000 Christians have fled Northern Iraq, and ISIS has claimed to have driven out every last Christian from Mosul.

“Things were bad in Baghdad, there were bombs and shootings and our people were being killed, so many of our people fled back to Nineveh, their traditional home,” White added.

“It was safer, but then one day, ISIS – Islamic State… They came in and they hounded all of them out. They killed huge numbers, they chopped their children in half, they chopped their heads off, and they moved north and it was so terrible what happened.”

These horrific crimes against humanity are largely being ignored by the world. Millions of Christians are suffering as slaves, being slaughtered, or being driven out of their homeland.

ISIS does not discriminate. All non-Muslims are targets, regardless of sex or age. Their jihad extends back to the time of Muhammad, who is believed to have beheaded somewhere between 500-800 Jews, including children, all in one battle.

The words kill, fight, murder, slaughter, and slay appear over 35,000 times in the Quran and Hadith. As long as the world denies that the Quran teaches this kind of hatred and promotes this exact violence; men, women, and children will continue to be slaughtered in the name of Allah.

H/T [The Jerusalem Post]
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