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Despite making many claims about the cause of the crash, the U.S. has refused to share the hardest evidence of all: the satellite imagery immediately prior, immediately after and, if available, at the moment of the attack and the downing of MH17.

Both Russian and American satellites have been surveilling the area of the fighting between the rebels and the Ukrainian military as well as the groups referred to by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko as “partisans.” With this deadly proxy war between Russia and the United States, it seems only logical that the U.S. intelligence community had its eyes on the area. If not, the CIA should go on record unequivocally stating that it has no satellite information of the area on the day in question…

Why has the United States not released its satellite images of the time of the MH17 crash and, more importantly, moments prior to it? TruthDig

I don’t know what this is folks. I just saw it linked on Twitter and it’s from Russia Post. The caption translated reads: За мгновения до крушения «Боинга» под Донецком — уникальный кадр в аналитической программе «Однако» which translates to:

Moments before the crash “Boeing” near Donetsk – a unique frame in theanalytical program “However”

It’s dated 14 Ноябрь, 2014 (November 14 2014)

I obviously cannot confirm it. But as you all know, the puppet regime in Ukraine has been pushing the “the Russians are invading” story all over again, they are deliberately shelling the crash site to destroy evidence and the war-mongering Ausies and Brits are accusing Moscow of shooting down Flight MH17 repeatedly in public.

If the Russians had this footage and were trying to play nice with the US and NATO countries before leaking it, now would be the time they get pissed off and let the rest of the world know they had nothing to do with shooting down that plane.

Yesterday, Russia released radar data that proved a Ukrainian military jet was in the area of Flight MH17 when it was downed. I wonder if someone leaked this to either bolster that evidence, or, if this is a bit of cognitive infiltration of disinformation, discredit it.

That said, I don’t know what this is. Here is the photo and the Russian news report you can view below.

Here is a close up of what is claimed to be Flight MH17 as the air-to-air missile is launched.

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Here is a news report from 1TV.RU. In this broadcast, you can see the time and date stamp on the satellite image which syncs up perfectly with the downing of Flight MH17.

This comes from a story on 1TV.RU:

At the disposal of Channel proved sensational shot, presumably made by foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of flight Malaysian “Boeing” over Ukraine.

It is known that at the summit in Brisbane Australian Prime Abbott threatens toask our president sternly question about Malaysian “Boeing”. Let’s try tofacilitate his task.

Back in August, Russian Union of Engineers published its report on thepossible causes of the accident, then gets quite widespread in the media and on the Internet. Experts conducted a detailed analysis of all information available from all sources, produced technical calculations and elaboratedversion of the causes of death “Boeing”.

Expert conclusion: the only technically possible version – defeat the Malaysianship using rocket and cannon armament of another aircraft. We draw attention to one point in the report the absence of any credible evidence launchmissiles “ground-to-air.” Start “Buck” accompanied by a cloud of fire, a deafening roar, audible within a radius of 10 kilometers, and contrails, which is clearly observed in the sky up to 10 minutes.

In short, it was not likely no “Buckno starting from the ground. In the presence of a disaster area dozens of professional observers from all sidesand thousands of lay, no one has seen or recorded. And planes seen and fixed. And it was certainly not the Russian planes. Experts arguments were heard on the Internet report was translated into English and German…

All versions have to be considered, including the notorious “Buk“. The manwho sent a picture in which can be seen as the MiG-29 kills passengerBoeing”, whoever he was, of course, professional. To forge such requireseven more excellence than to access such information. Lord, you have these pictures! Or more! Present them, finally! Hands on the table! Because at the moment there is every reason to believe that the government committed a crime by those who destroyed the aircraft deliberately and cynically. And those who deliberately and cynically hides it, having comprehensive information.1TV.RU


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