Is Denver the Place for Disclosure / First Contact 26th 27th ?

Is Denver the Place for Disclosure / First Contact 26th 27th ?Denver is the Place for Disclosure / First Contact 26th 27th
That is why everyone is going to be there. Remember the exopolitics guy that actually got a vote on the Denver ballot regarding setting up an extra terrestrial contact embassy.

Our government is about to step down and make way for the interim government, disclosure and first contact.

There is literally very little time left before these events are to unfold and it will seem very surreal when it all comes out in rapid succession.

Denver August 2010 ET ballot initiative places next step in extraterrestrial disclosure on voters … -on-voters

The big problem with Sept 25-26-27-28 is the meteors coming in from the ELENIN blast of coma that moved millions of tons of debris away from ELENIN. This debris will be in Earth space beginning September 25 to destroy satellites and consequently our global financial systems. Our elites know about this possibility so they will go into hiding just as we should.

“atlanticobr Friends, a friend who is American military, which corresponds to our channel, told us that the troops spread across states and borders, are waiting to receive the red alert at any time. He is still trying to find out what kind of emergency it is, but he said it was an imminent operation, coordinated with other countries in Europe and Asia. Stay alert for any imminent event or false flag. ”

Nasa insider. not much time to get this info out. truth on elenin
ill make this as quick as i got about 20 minutes or so. im currently at a very discrete location and im sure i get monitored 24/7 but the person watching me now shouldnt have any idea i am making a communication

first i must say that in the disinformation / psi-op teams we have a word for people who are smart/awake/aware. we call these people CT’ers. the broad definition of a CT’er is simply someone who doesnt blindly follow what society tells him to follow, and most CTers have gotten to the point where they are sure almost everything the media tells them is some form of attempted mind-control because secret powers must be controlling the the governments and societies of the world behind the scenes for their own interest and not the interest of the general population while creating an illusion of free/representative government so the masses never feel like they are living in a tyranny

heres the truth about elenin. nothing will happen sept 26/27 and elenin is a complete hoax, however its a massive government psi op and im involved at pretty much the highest levels of engineering this thing i wont say how high exactly to protect me but i will say this, the people high up in this psi up are laughing so hard at how easily the CT community is gobbling up these hoaxes

there is a real reason these hoaxes are going on. ill explain the reason soon. but first i will list a bunch of the most popular hoaxes and tell you how its just a hoax

what makes a doom-hoax-theory powerful is it seems like it could be true, and to disprove it you need to know a bit about astronomy or else you get left into the “i dunno, maybe its real” category of hoax believers.

so i will list all the most common hoaxes right now and then the simple science that disproves those hoaxes

keep in mind pretty much all of these hoaxes have been generated at the highest levels of elite new world order cyber-warfare psi-op-creation specialists

1) elenin is a brown dwarf star / black dwarf that reflects no light and can only be seen with powerful infra-red telescopes

the reason this hoax is false is because many people out there might fall into the trap of believing that there could be dwarf stars out there that do not reflect sunlight.

this is simply not true. every object in the universe will reflect sunlight except for black holes. so if something as large as a dwarf star was in our solar system and big enough to cause problems, you bet your behind everyone could see it in the night sky it would be bigger than jupiter

this hoax is easy to disprove and most elenin believers already know this one is false. brown dwarfs and black dwarfs are like very giant versions of jupiter.and will reflect sunlight like jupiter

2) elenin is a highly dense object, possibly a small neutron star

this is the hoax that has been growing recently because the brown dwarf star is so easy to disprove. elenin is obviously not a dwarf star because anyone with slight astronomy knowledge knows it would be visible so close to the sun

a neutron star however is so small in size we wouldnt be able to see it in the sky. neutron stars can be much smaller than the moon but way more massive than our sun

currently one of the biggest hoaxes on elenin is that it is a neutron star that is ~50x the mass of the earth but its so small we cant see it.

this hoax takes care of the “we cant see it” problem of elenin hoaxes but also keeps the “its very massive” part thats needed to make a elenin hoax scary

but this hoax is false and here is why

the only way neutron stars can be created is by huge supernova. a neutron star will always be extremely massive, normally more massive than our sun, because only supernova of extremely massive stars can create a neutron star

neutron stars are such powerful objects of gravity they cant be split apart. once one is created its going to be large and powerful forever unless it falls into a black hole. if a neutron star crashes into our sun it would suck most of it into itself and turn all of the matter into more neutrons

simply put, elenin is not a neutron star. neutron stars can only be extremely massive, they cannot be 50x the mass of earth

because elenin hasnt completely sent the entire orbit of all planets in this solar system into haywire by now, this means elenin cannot be a neutron star. if a neutron star was this close to the sun (elenin is closer than earth) it would have been doomsday months ago

3) elenin is a black hole

this is easy to disprove and its a small popularity hoax at the moment. most people know elenin cant be a black hole because when its been observed by amatuer astronomers you can clearly see it because its reflecting light black holes cannot reflect light, thus elenin is not a black hole

points 1-3 are the only possible ways elenin could be a threat to earth. however, elenin is not a dwarf star, it is not a neutron star, and it is not a black hole. simple science proves that because elenin is not any of those 3 things, it is not a danger to earth.

points 1-3 are the main elenin hoaxes right now that cause people to create their elenin doom beliefs. they need a reason to think elenin is a threat. but even people who have simple science knowledge may fall into the elenin fear trap if they are easily swayed by the following reinforcing psi-ops

4) a 6ton nasa satellite is set to fall into earth late september

this hoax is actually real. but even real hoaxes can still be part of a hoax and be manufactured to get a desired result.

this hoax was generated because a strong belief in elenin doom already exists in many CT’ers, so by manufacturing this event the CT’ers will reinforce their beliefs they already have about elenin doom.

This psi-op will make many CT’ers think to themselves “omg, elenin doom must be real because nasa is doing this satellite drop as a coverup of the real elenin doom that must be coming. omg this proves the elenin doom is real”

these types of hoax/psi-ops are stories / talking points that can be created in order to reinforce the beliefs CT’ers have made on previous psi-ops. so one psi-op will build upon what a previous psi-op has created

the truth is just because nasa is throwing out this 6-ton satellite psi-op that doesnt mean elenin doom is real. the purpose/point of this hoax is to get you to reinforce your belief in elenin doom, and for many CT’ers it is working perfectly and they are just eating this stuff up insantly

5) obama, congress, fema, nasa elites, general society elites, elites of almost all government agencies in america, and almost all royalty and elite in the world have either stated they are going on vacation for late september, or have no plans for late september, or in obama/nasa’s case they says they are going to be in denver in late september.

this again is a real hoax but its one of those reinforcing psi-ops that is manufactured in order to build upon what a previous psi-op has created.

the science of elenin explained in points 1-3 show why there is no reason to fear elenin, however even if you are smart enough to know that elenin is no threat, the above reinforcing psi-ops can make even the average intelligent CT’er become afraid of elenin doom

HOWEVER, i will not shy away from the 100% absolute most important reason why elenin doom psi-ops are so powerful right now.

this is the reason every elenin believer is not feeling right about elenin. because thousands of people have already died and many think elenin is partly to blame for these deaths

i speak of course of the chile / new zealong / japan earthquakes.

All 3 of these powerful earthquakes occured within 7 days of a elenin alignment with the earth/sun if you look at the overhead view of JPL.

this are REAL EVENTS. with THOUSANDs of REAL PEOPLE dying. i understand how powerful elenin psi ops are because thousands of real people have already died

however im just here to explain whats going on for people that want to know

the new world order does have systems that can create earthquakes. i understand slightly how they work. haarp isnt even the main system i dont know where the other systems are but i know they exist

the way these systems work is as time passes the earths continents/crust will store pressure and energy and the release of this energy causes earthquakes and its completely natural. the earthquake that happened in japan was a forced hyper natural event. The haarp systems were fired up and caused most of the energy/pressure to be released which caused the japan earthquake.

however the way these systems work is they cannot create earthquakes, they only release the pressure that is already there which would have been naturally released eventually. what this means is the haarp systems cannot create massive earthquakes in japan every week. the system is only able to release natural energy that is already there and is created naturally by the earth. the system cannot create new earthquakes on the spot. and the system cant be used to blow up yellowstone either thats out of its ability.

thats pretty much all i know about these systems. i dont have anything to do with the haarp systems i just know they release energy thats already there, but they are unable to create new energy for new earthquakes. back to elenin

but heres what you will be glad to here. the haarp systems will not be fired up in late september, or even this year or next year.

the high up plan as far as psi-ops go is to create massive hype for this september 26 date and then laugh at the CT’ers as nothing happens

but i still dont know WHY THE HELL the elite had to kill thousands of people by firing up these haarp systems and creating earthquakes on elenin alignments

i honestly dont know. im told to do my job and shut up. i personally see no reason why so many people need to die in order for the goal to be achieved

i guess elenin fear wouldnt be at the level they are right now if those earthquakes/tsunami didnt happen… but still… all that killing just to create a psi-op? it seems to extreme

the plan of the elite was to generate MASSIVE FEAR in the CT’ers with this elenin stuff, and now as we appraoch the 26th of september for the final alignment and nothjing happens the CT’ers will have been afraid and then their reinforced beliefs that they had will be crushed

that is essentially, “the goal” as we have been told

now i dont know why so many people needed to die for “the goal” but i do know why “the goal” exists

theres 2 things that i have to explain that many wont believe but it doesnt really matter

elite space program scientists have found that there is a very far out dwarf star orbiting the sun, but we have no idea what its orbital calculations are like because its so far away. we dont know if the dwarf star comes further than saturn or further than jupiter or further than mars. we have no idea.

The dark overlords wont tell us anything about the dwarf star. however it probably wont be here for 100+ years the observers are concluding, and “the plan” is to keep creating psi-ops of dwarf events so when the real one comes no one will believe it because everyone will be laughing at previous dwarf events not happening and all the CTers will be laughed at when the real time of danger comes.

thats assuming there even is a time of danger, as we actually have no idea whether or not this dwarf star comes close to earth because the dark overlords wont tell us anything about it. they dont care about earth, they dont care about giving us advice, they just want fear to be created and are somehow making a deal with the new world order to get what they want.

ive never seen a dark overlord and i dont know what they are i have just heard little about them, some say they are aliens or “something else” but they have some kind of deal with the elite and they are giving something (i dont know what it is) to the elite and in return the elite does what they want. and for some reason, what the dark overlords want is fear to be created. but not any kind of fear, their favorite fear is fear that is created in the minds of the most mentally strong individuals, or the CT’ers as we call them.

now the new world order certainly isnt only creating “fake fear” for the ct’ers. the NWO is doing plenty of real things to scare a CT’er as well. the new world order is waging many wars killing millions of innocent people in the middle east and blowing up 2 giant buildings cinema-style in front of world television on 9/11 and showing the CT’ers they have the power to do that and nothing can stop them, and setting up massive nazi-style holocaust preperations in the united states and creating huge tyranny grids in the US and many people are scared they might end up homeless with no money.

there certainly are many real things for the CT’ers to fear in this world, however i dont work in that area i work in psi-ops which is what we in the practice consider to be forms of “fake fear”. and from what i hear the dark overlords absolutely love the type of fear that is being created by this elenin stuff and thats why they want more and more of it. this thing is ramping up so much in the past few weeks. thats why nearly every world elite is going to denver, in order to ramp up the elenin fear so much more

and its not just the fear that they like. im told that another emotion the dark overlords like to create is whats been described as “the feeling of crushed beliefs”. many CT’ers have a belief that the elenin doom is real, and all these signs are reinforcing their beliefs, and when nothing happens on the next elenin alignment the ct’ers will all have crushed beliefs.

i honestly dont know what the fukk the purpose/point to all of this is…. i believe in god but i have my own religious ideas and i think concepts of “hell” and “heaven” are way too linear for my tastes… anyway the reason im writing this is because i feel in my heart this fear is going way too far and i ive always been a person of impulses to an extent and i feel an impulse to explain whats going on to anyone wondering wtf is going on

so for anyone out there with a little bit of scientific knowledge, im just saying read points 1-3 which is absolute proof that elenin is no threat.

you know that scientifically, elenin cannot be a threat. BUT you also know having 3 major earthquakes happening on all 3 alignments is too much of a coincidence. im here to say yes you are right it is too much of a coincidence but dont let your emotions fool your logic. you know logically there is no way elenin can be a threat, so dont fear it. logic should always destroy fear.

Why Is September 27, 2011 On Swiss Bank Notes?

From: jokoyes | Sep 16, 2011

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(and many more estimation for Elenin Nibiru orbit, that I will let you search, cause I see no point on posting them all)

“White Phoenix”
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