Iranian Time Warp! A Side of Iran You Have Never Seen, or Even Imagined! Shocking Photos You Won’t Forget! (Video and Photos Included)


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What you are about to see will shock you. And it won’t just shock you, it will literally stun you. I have seen these pictures before, and still, my jaw drops whenever I look at them. It saddens me to see a people so free and so happy, and in only such a short amount of time, in bondage, angry and miserable.

I love God. And, in my opinion, most westernized Christianity is loose and has become corrupt, as well as liberal. I am not condoning Islam, quite the contrary. However, I must give credit to Muslims for their devotion to their God, and their passion. In truth, Christians should be just as dedicated to YHVH, the one true God. We, as Christians, insult God when false religions devote their hearts and their minds to a false God, yet we remain so perverse and lackadaisical.  How dare we make a mockery of our heavenly Father, and the death of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Shame on us!

Even though painful, giving up our lives to God should also be a joyous thing.  When a woman marries her husband, and a husband marries a woman, do they go to the altar in tears begging for help because they have to give up some of their freedoms they had as a single person and make changes? No! Absolutely not (they do that later—just kidding)!  Even so, when we marry ourselves to Christ Jesus, we should rejoice for what we are giving up to serve Him.

With that being said, a question must be asked: What has happened to this nation of ‘once’ happy people? And what is happening in the confines of the USA? Will we live to see this day? If so, who will be glancing through our photos of time in awe, literally gasping in disbelief? Will the photos of our future look just as bleak?

But how does something like this happen, and so drastically? It’s like night and day, in such a short time? Bridgette Gabriel will tell you, and she explains it perfectly. This, my friends, is what will happen to America SOON if we continue to remain silent; if we continue remaining politically correct! Her story is moving, heart-wrenching, and passionate. You will see things differently after witnessing them through her eyes.

Please share this post with as many as you can so that hopefully, we can wake more people up to “one” of the hellish realities awaiting us if we sit by and do nothing at all.

Faith: You Don’t ALWAYS Get What You Want, Yet You Trust God Completely!
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