Internet Post Alleges New Details of Black Market Organ Trade in China – Video Report

The post by a user calling himself “Shanmu Ge” or “Brother Sam,” appeared on May 28th on a Web forum of Chinese Internet service portal Tencent. It has since been censored, but despite its short lifespan the post has generated serious controversy, centering on the internationally condemned practice of forced organ harvesting.

“Brother Sam” called his post the result of an undercover investigation into the operations of a, “illegal kidney supply base” in the Eastern city of Hangzhou. He claimed to have spent two weeks involved in the work of this supply base, which operated from a four-bedroom house in the Changmujin courtyard area of Hangzhou. The house’s appearance was seemingly normal. However there were always large numbers of young male residents, changing frequently. There were also many bunk beds filling much of its available space.

“Brother Sam” claimed that the business neared the stage at which the organs would be removed from unwilling donors. He called the police on the morning of May 28 and then began his online posting of the investigation, saying, “I’m undercover in Dingqiao town of Hangzhou and found a large network of kidney supply with more than 30 donors at two capture points. Three of them are on their way to underground kidney transplant points in Kunming and Guangzhou. There are also several of them ‘shipped’ and waiting for surgery. Someone must stop them. I called the police half an hour ago. I am now waiting at the scene.”

The posting’s claims are mostly unverifiable, but it is perhaps most significant in its swift flare up towards viral status, and then almost immediate censoring by Chinese authorities. The issue of forced organ harvesting remains a major point of criticism of China’s Communist regime, both domestically and internationally.
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