Insiders Report: U.S. Government Activates CIA Hit Teams to Kill Americans and Blame Iranians! Comments: OMG! I am not sure how to take this news story.

First I do not think it is credible, there is nothing to substantiate this. That being said hypothetically if there is any truth to this this would be chilling! Spooky thing is, is that the collapse as they call it could happen. FEMA and assassination teams…???


“Need everybody’s help getting the word out! Stew Web has multiple sources all saying the same team. Obama has mobilized CIA assassination teams to kill Americans within the United States and then blame the false flag attacks on Iranians to start their illegal Iran war next!

The Obama administration wants to stop the truth from getting out by shutting down the opposition. Stew Webb will give a full interview on this tonight on “Late Night in the Midlands” which can be hear on the player at the top of the page at and

Please get everybody you can to this interview about the hit teams and the coming bank collapse. It’s IMPORTANT information that you don’t want to miss. The only way to stop the kill teams is through prayer and getting the word out about it. We need all your help in doing this.

Send this information to your email lists, post to your websites and call Stew Webb to get him on your radio shows. Visit Stew Webb’s site at”
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