Insider Report: Obama Administration Intends to Unionize U.S. Military with Executive Order

The Ulsterman Report, known for their White House insider reports, has published an interview from a Wall Street insider that, if accurate, threatens to fundamentally change the make up and loyalties of the United States Military. According to a Wall Street insider with first-hand knowledge of the goings on in the Obama administration, there are interests within the White House – perhaps going as high as President Obama himself – that are positioning to unionize the entire military. According to the insider interview, the motive for the move is to ensure that U.S. military personnel are “justly represented.”

With Mr. Obama spending much of his time over the last three years placating unions, it is not that far of a stretch to consider this report as a real possibility. As is pointed out in the interview, this is an extremely grave and dangerous situation. A unionized military would become beholden not to the US Constitution or the American people, but rather, to the union bosses in charge of the new military “workers’ parties” that will undoubtedly spring up as a result.

Ulsterman: Stop right there.  Did you just say that the Obama administration wants to unionize the American military?

Wall Street: Oh my – look at you now!  That’s got you a bit riled does it?

Ulsterman: Are you being serious?

Wall Street: Oh yes.  Absolutely serious.  A bit over a year…perhaps a year-and-a-half ago.  A younger gentleman who was said to be with the administration – affiliated with the DOJ actually – these people were crawling all over everything at that time.  That situation itself was enough to sour many of us on the Obama White House.  They would walk in as if they owned you.  Wall Street had become a plantation.  Ironic, isn’t it?  But that’s how it felt.  It’s improved somewhat, but not enough.  Not nearly enough…

Ulsterman: Stick to what you said about the military please.  Unionizing the military.  What was that about?  What did that person say?

Wall Street: It wasn’t this office mind you.  But a close associate.  And it has been repeated by a few others, so I consider it quite likely it was in fact said.  Now how high up in the administration it actually goes…that is more uncertain…

Ulsterman: What was said please – please just focus on that.

Wall Street: As I did say – the administration wants to unionize the American military.  All of it.  They apparently, if what this gentleman said is to be believed,…they wish to see the soldiers “justly represented”.  That was the term that was repeated to me by more than one source.  It had…the conversation had originated as one about unionizing Wall Street workers and then the information about the military – the actual plan for unionizing the military came out.

Ulsterman: And this person – they were from the Department of Justice?

Wall Street: Yes…an affiliation of the DOJ, yes.

Ulsterman: Could you be more specific?

Wall Street: No.  I am surprised you were not told of this already.  I shared it with our acquaintance some time ago.  Can you imagine some 2 million more union members in this country?  With a stroke of the pen – an executive order.  Can you imagine the cost?  The dysfunction?  How much we could be weakened, put at risk by such a thing?  The implications are…well, they are just too horrific to consider.  The last I had heard of this was…perhaps the 1970s.  And never coming from such a level within the government.

Ulsterman: Do you believe it?  That President Obama wants to unionize the military?

Wall Street: I believe some – someone in that administration not only wants, but intends to do so, yes.

Ulsterman: But not Obama?  President Obama?

Wall Street: That I don’t know – I just don’t get the sense this president is entirely aware of what is going on around him.  In his own administration.  What I saw at that meeting…he seems less than interested in the details if you will.  Much like an absentee CEO.  Your own stories seem to support that.  Very much so.

Ulsterman: Do you think he – President Obama…do you think he could pull it off?  The move to unionize the military?

Wall Street: Yes.  Not him so much – but those around him.  Yes.  They would form the plan – the implementation plan, the DOJ would prepare the legal groundwork, and the president would be given the script.

Ulsterman: What “highest levels” are you talking about here?  Who?  And how do you know this? Did it come from the DOJ guy?

Wall Street: No, not him.  His input had me concerned.  The military…it impacts both my professional and personal livelihood.  The possibility of it being made into another union…I find that…objectionable.  Dangerous.  Very dangerous.  Unions have destroyed American industry.  Almost every significant failing of private industry in this country can be linked to the influence of unions.  The auto bailout is just such an example.  Imagine the damage done to the military?  And to the industries supporting the military?

Ulsterman: Speak about the plan please.  The implementation of this scenario that you say has been discussed at the highest levels.  How do you know of this?

Wall Street: As I said, when I heard of what the gentleman from the DOJ had shared, had repeated to others, I became concerned.  I reached out to certain…contacts I have. Longstanding acquaintances with direct ties to the Pentagon.  Yes, the military is big money. Very-very big money, but I want to make it clear to you – that was not my primary motivation here.

Ulsterman: Fine – keep talking.

Wall Street:Basically what came back to me from these sources was confirmation of what I had heard earlier – the DOJ information.  And the confirmation was solid.  Discussions had taken place.  Communication had come directly from the highest levels of both the Department of Justice and the Obama White House that indicated the legal means of unionizing the United States Military.  Word then reached the contractors, and people were beginning to get…the concern was significant.  We had just seen what had been done with healthcare – how that had been pushed through.  What had been done with the auto unions.  Organized labor owns this White House.  The possibility of them doing to the military what they had so successfully done elsewhere appeared at that time to be very serious.

Ulsterman: Contractors?

Wall Street: Military contractors.  The companies who provide the hardware.  Billions – trillions of dollars at stake.  They were not pleased by this scenario.  If you were to get access to materials likely available within an ongoing legal case, I do believe you would get confirmation of this – of the move to unionize the military.

Full Interview

There can be no doubt that the coming election will see a whole new level of class warfare and we can be certain unions and their leadership will be leading the way. The movement is already building and union leaders in recent months have called on President Obama to essentially start a fight with non-unionized America. From the perspective of the White House, the strategy of unionizing the military may seem sound. By unionizing, they will add hundreds of thousands of new democratic voters to the party, while at the same time shifting the loyalties of military personnel to politically align with the expansion of socialist principles across America. No longer will it be about love of country. Insofar as national defense is concerned, this would certainly be a security threat on a number of different levels, namely that a unionized force may be easier to sway in the event of necessary military deployments in U.S. cities.

If you have unions rioting in the streets, perhaps violently revolting and targeting non-union related individuals or organizations, what are the odds that a unionized military will step into help those who are non-union? This is just one of many dangers we can perceive with such a scenario.

Before you outright dismiss such possibilities as impossible, we need only direct your attention to Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 which, though a different situation than what we have in America today, was organized by millions of “workers” who felt they were not being treated fairly – certainly a situation we are facing here in America today. Those workers rebelled, chaos reigned, and what came out the other end was the iron fist of communism that was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in the 20th century.

And given what the Wall Street insider has reported about coming economic chaos, it would only make sense that this administration would want as much political loyalty (even if indirectly by working through union leadership) from the US military as they can muster, because bad things are headed our way:

Wall Street: We are on this day a more centralized economy than at any other point in our history.  Fiscal contagion can spread from nation to nation with a single click.  Trillions upon trillions in value has been wiped out of the market by the printing of money with lessening value.  When you wonder why Wall Street has succeeded under President Obama while Main Street continues to struggle is simply because Main Street still exists in some semblance of a free market economy.  That relationship between the value of money and the cost of borrowing that value still exists.  Wall Street has been allowed to exist outside of that reality.  The Fed has made it so, and the result…we are nearing just the beginnings of that result – will be outright economic disaster.  2008?  Nothing.  1929?  Yes – that is where we are going here.  And with that kind of economic chaos – what is soon to follow?  Read you history.  War. Famine.  A total shock to the system, except this time, we have a proliferation of nuclear weapons, countries such as Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, they will be directly involved in this chaos.  And of course there is China…the time I could spend on China…

President Obama, yet again, seems to be living up to his promise that he intends to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

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