“Insert Welfare Fraud Jokes Here” – California Will No Longer Require Students To Know English & Math to Graduate

Who needs to be proficient in Math and English in California?

 The standardized tests are discriminatory, says California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley.

From Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, California State Chancellor Timothy P. White announced that the public university system will no longer incorporate placement exams for English and mathematics for incoming freshmen. In his executive order, White stated that it was important to measure proficiency in English and mathematics through “multiple measures,” including SAT scores and high school grades. He also announced that Cal State would commence an “Early Start Program,” which is intended to help incoming students who have poor proficiency in the aforementioned subjects.

If Cal State does not maintain standards of proficiency and an equitable mechanism for determining that, then it opens the door to changing additional standards for providing an education beyond the first year of college. By creating arbitrary systems of proficiency under the assumption that individuals of specific socioeconomic and ethnic populations need additional help, it cheapens the quality of the education it provides to its students and also inadequately prepares students for the real world.

This is the right approach for all of public higher education, particularly for broad-access public institutions like the community colleges and the CSU. I personally strongly believe that standardized placement exams have handicapped hundreds of thousands of our students, and they particularly target low-income students and students of color. We have, in my opinion, been placing many students in remedial courses that really didn’t belong in those remedial courses — and in doing so have made it harder for them to complete their college educations.

Do You Think Algebra Should Be Abolished?

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