Injured Ukraine activists ‘disappearing’ from Kyiv hospitals

Injured Ukraine activists ‘disappearing’ from Kyiv hospitals

21/01 20:58 CET

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Amid the tense stand-off between anti-government protesters and riot police in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, euronews correspondent Angelina Kariakina spoke of the latest developments.

Maria Ieshchenko, euronews (Lyon): “Angelina, over the last three days, more than 1,000 protesters have requested medical help. What is the general mood among Ukrainian activists: are they still ready to put themselves in danger or is ‘the flame dying’?”

Angelina Kariakina (Kyiv): “The plan is to stay and to continue the protest. As the demonstration goes on by day as well as by night, the number of injured is constantly increasing. Medical volunteers help people on the spot. Many also go to see a doctor at hospitals. Protesters’ injuries are diverse: these are injuries from stun grenades, rubber bullets… In the aftermath of recent clashes some people had to have eye surgery. There is also information about people disappearing from hospitals. Their friends and relatives are looking for them.”

euronews: “The media’s attention is glued to the area around the parliament in Kyiv, which became the epicentre of clashes. What is the role of Independence Square, where the protest started?”

Angelina Kariakina: “Independence Square was transformed into a hub of support and a place to rest. There are medical tents, where you can get some hot food, dry clothes and any other help. Activists are concerned by the growing presence of young muscular men with baseball bats in the city. Civil patrols are organised to monitor the situation around the city.”

euronews: “While sporadic clashes continue in the centre of Kyiv, has there been any development in the negotiating process?”

Angelina Kariakina: “So-called preliminary consultations between the opposition and the president’s administration are said to have been taking place. Also, (opposition leader) Vitaly Klychko went to see Victor Yanukovych for the second time, this time to the president’s administration building. However, Klychko said that the president didn’t turn up.”

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